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Adults / 50-Plus

You may be surprised to discover the variety of activities offered at the library. Visit us for reading recommendations, technology assistance, special events, research help, retirement planning resources and more.

Things to do at the Library

The Fairfax County Public Library has so much to explore. With vibrant programs, a diverse collection of materials to read and listen to, and every branch having something special to see or do, the library is the place to be. Volunteer or join a Friends group. Visit the Virginia Room to learn more about your family tree or local history. Get technology assistance with your new device. Attend one of the many programs. Or just stop in to say hi. We'll be glad to see you.

Memory Depot

If you have been a part of the rapid advancement of technology over the years then you might have videos or photos in forms that are not easy to store or view with our current computers. Wondering how you can update your memories to the 21st century? Never fear! Look no further than the City of Fairfax Regional Library and Sherwood Regional Library of the Fairfax County Public Library system.

Each of these branches features the Memory Depot, a do it yourself (DIY) station which enables you to digitize VHS tapes, photographic prints, negatives and slides as well as scrapbooks and other documents.

For more information about this service, as well as instructions for scheduling an orientation, click the link below.

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