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Curbside and Virtual Services

Virtual Programming

Fairfax County Public Library offers many children's programs. All events are free. Go to the library’s event calendar and click on “View Events By…” to browse through programs by type, age or date or click on “Discover FCPL Events” to search for specific programs. Some programs have registration. Look for (R) in the description.

Recieve notification of when program videos are available - subscribe to the library's YouTube channel and check out all the library's storytime videos.

If you would like to receive notifications about some of our spotlight events, send a message to You will receive 1-2 monthly emails. 

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Reviews of E-Books for Preschoolers

 Just in case you want to fly

Just in Case You Want to Fly by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson

Parents and caregivers need a toolbox full of strategies to help children as they grow up.  This gentle story offers encouragement and reassurance, from a snack to a cuddly blanket to a hug, to help a child as she faces new challenges.  

Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle by Chris Raschka 

Learning to ride a bicycle is an important milestone in a child’s life.  Author Raschka uses watercolor illustrations to tell the story of a dad teaching his young daughter all about bike riding, from selecting the right bike to practicing with training wheels to persevering after a fall or two.  With her father’s gentle encouragement, and some luck and determination, the little girl soon has a big smile on her face as she rides.  

Early Literacy Tip: Encourage your child to write a story of their own about trying something new, perhaps a new skill such as riding a bike, or a new experience, such as starting a new preschool.  An adult can help write the story as the child dictates.  

 Just in Case You Want to Fly uses collage art to illustrate the story. Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle uses watercolor pictures.  Provide child-safe scissors, a glue stick and various colored scrapbook or construction paper for your child to create collage art. Your child could also use a sketchbook or easel paper and a watercolor set or other paints to illustrate the story. 

Unicorn Day by Diana Murray, illustrated by Luke Flowers 

Unicorn Day

When unicorns come out to play, the most important rule is to have fun, fun, fun!  On Unicorn Day all the unicorns gather to sing, slide on rainbows and have a glitter fight!  Alas, one unicorn is NOT a unicorn, but a horse with a pretend horn.  Instead of sending him away, the unicorns invite him to join in the fun.  Told in rhyme with charming illustrations, this delightful story is a fun-read aloud for unicorn lovers everywhere. 

Flubby is Not a Good Pet by J. E. Morris 

A little girl compares her cat Flubby to her friends’ pets.  Flubby cannot sing like a canary, jump like a frog or catch like a dog. She decides that Flubby is not a good pet. But when a thunderstorm rattles the windows, she changes her mind.

Early Literacy Tip: After reading Unicorn Day or Flubby is Not a Good Pet, talk with your child about their favorite animals. Use closed-ended questions such as “what is your favorite animal (or pet)?” combined with open-ended questions such as “why do you like that animal/pet?”  Talking is an important early literacy skill.  By talking with your child, you help them build vocabulary, improve reading comprehension and develop critical thinking skills. 


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