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Early Literacy

Early literacy is what children know about communication, language—verbal and non-verbal—reading and writing before they can actually read and write.

Picture Books About Colors

Are your stars like my stars?

Are Your Stars Like My Stars? by Leslie Helakoski

Helps children consider the colors of their everyday lives . . . and imagine how others around the world experience the very same things.

Brown Sugar Babe by Charlotte Watson Sherman

When a little girl has doubts about the color of her skin, her mother shows her all the wonderful, beautiful things brown can be! The illustrations celebrate the color using all the senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.

Bracelets for Bina’s Brothers by Rajani LaRocca

Bina wants to make bracelets for Raksha Bandhan, an Indian holiday that celebrates brothers and sisters—so she begins weave her brother’s favorite colors into a pattern along with a unique bead celebrating their special interests.

Crayola Colors of China by Mari Schuh

With white mountain peaks, Badain Jaran Desert's surprising blue waters, the red of Chinese New Year, and more, celebrate the colors found in nature and culture across China.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors by Hena Khan

In simple rhyming text a young Muslim girl and her family guide the reader through the traditions and colors of Islam.

Hey! A Colorful Mystery by Kate Read

Readers are introduced to a new color of fish in the ocean while they are escape from an unknown predator until the whole ocean flees into a cave. But, uh-oh! That's no cave at all!

If Dominican Were a Color by Sili Recio

The text portrays the Dominican Republic in all its hues, from the cinnamon in cocoa to the blue black seen only in dreams.

Isabel and her Colores Go to School by Alexandra Alessandri

Isabel prefers her native language of Spanish instead of English.  At her new school she employs her crayons and to communicate with her new friends.

Love From the Crayons by Drew Daywalt

The Crayons from The Day the Crayons Quit, explores the bright colors and subtle shades of love.

Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text follow a young fox as it searches for a way home, through a world of many shades of red, after being separated from its family.

The Hidden Rainbow by Christie Matheson

The text invites the reader to uncover the rainbow of colors hidden in a garden, which helps flowers bloom and bees find food. Includes facts about bees and their importance.           

What Color is the Night? by Grant Snider

Against the backdrop of the dark blue night, the text explores the colors of things, both natural and manmade, that one can see in the night, before falling asleep to dream.

January 2022

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