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Early Literacy

Early literacy is what children know about communication, language—verbal and non-verbal—reading and writing before they can actually read and write.

Picture Books About Numbers

100 Bugs! A Counting Book

100 Bugs!: A Counting Book by Kate Narita

A boy and girl find and count 100 different bugs in their backyard in increments of ten.

Blue Ridge Babies 1, 2, 3: A Counting Book by Laura Sperry Gardner

Explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, a part of the Appalachian range that teems with fascinating plant and wildlife.  Count the babies on every page.

Count on Culebra: Go from 1 to 10 in Spanish by Ann Whiteford Paul

When Iguana stubs her toe and cannot make her popular candies, Culebra the rattlesnake finds a cure that introduces the Spanish words for the numbers from one to ten.

Counting Creatures by Julia Donaldson

A gorgeous lift-the-flap counting game that matches animal parents to their offspring.

Grandma’s Tiny House: A Counting Story! by JaNay Brown-Wood

In rhyming text, when the whole family and guests show up for the big dinner at Grandma’s house, it becomes clear that the house is much too small to hold them all.

The Long, Long Line by Tomoko Ohmura

Fifty animals all in a line…What are they waiting for? Get in line and find out!

Moja Means One: A Swahili Counting Book by Muriel L. Feelings

The numbers one through ten in Swahili accompany illustrations of various aspects of East African life.

One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller by Kate Read

An illustrated counting book in which one famished fox finds five snug eggs but must face three plump hens to get them.

One Leaf Rides the Wind: Counting in a Japanese Garden by Celeste Davidson Mannis

In this collection of haiku poems, a young girl walks through a Japanese garden and discovers many delights, from one leaf to ten stone lanterns. 

One Little Chicken: A Counting Book by David Elliot

Watch the little chicken’s dance, while counting to ten by chance

One, Two That’s My Shoe! by Alison Murray

Illustrations and rhyming text encourage the reader to count from one to ten when a mischievous puppy runs off with his owner’s shoe.

Over in the Woodland: A Mythological Counting Journey by Nicole and Shar Abreu

Journey through a magical day while counting from one phoenix to ten griffins and searching for the baby griffin hidden on each page.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons by James Dean

Pete the cat loves the buttons on his shirts so much that he makes up a song about them, and even as the buttons pop off, one by one, he still finds a reason to sing.

Underwater Counting: Even Numbers by Jerry Pallotta

Text and illustrations use different sea animals to teach counting by even numbers.

Zoo Day ¡Ole! by Phillis Gershator

Abuelita teaches her grandchildren how to count from 1 to 10 in English and Spanish.

January 2022


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