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Early Literacy

Early literacy is what children know about communication, language—verbal and non-verbal—reading and writing before they can actually read and write.

Picture Book About Seasons: Summer

Come on, Rain! by Karen Hesse
A young girl eagerly awaits a coming rainstorm to bring relief from the oppressive summer heat.

Come On, Rain

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Park
In a simple, evocative conversation with nature, a young girl witnesses how the season changes from summer to autumn.

Hello Summer by Shelly Rotner
This photo essay explains the basic changes to the natural world that come in summer and note summer activities children enjoy.

Mouse Loves Summer by Lauren Thompson
On a bright sunny day Mouse and Minka celebrate summer with a picnic in the park.

Summer by Cao Wenxuan
Under a burning sun on the dry grassland, animals ranging from a tiny field mouse to a large elephant fight over bit of shade until they learn a better way.

Summer Color! by Diana Murray
Two children notice all the beautiful colors that surround them on a rainy summer day out in the country.

Summer Evening by Walter De la Mare
A hot summer's day is drawing to a close. On a busy farm, animals and children enjoy the last hours of sun.

Super Summer by Bruce Goldstone
A photographic picture book providing a comprehensive overview of topics linked to summer.

Summer Walk by Virginia Brimhall Snow
Ramble through the woods, as you join Grammy and her favorite grandkids on a summer walk. Illustrations and rhymes will guide readers as they learn to identify twenty-six different insects. At day's end, discover how to create a caterpillar habitat.

Summer Wonders by Bob Raczka
Illustrations and rhyming text celebrate the sights and sounds of summer, from days of diving and swimming to nights of stargazing and fireflies.

The Twelve Days of Summer by Jan Andrews
Based on the familiar Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Summer" takes readers on a journey into summer, from the first discovery of three eggs in a sparrow's nest to the day when those eggs hatch.

April 2020

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