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Session Timed Out

If you see the message "your session has timed out" when trying to access the library's catalog, please follow these steps:

NOTE concerning AOL: We have received reports from AOL customers that they are regularly getting the session time out message. Through troubleshooting with those customers, we have discovered that using a browser other than AOL's provides success. If you are an AOL customer and are using the new AOL browser, please use another one such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Do NOT use a bookmark.

Use the library site's navigation.

Clear the cache or temporary Internet files.

  • Start at the library's home page.
  • If you use the Internet Explorer browser, select Tools in the browser toolbar. Then Internet Options. On the General tab find Temporary Internet Files and select Delete Files.
  • If you use the Firefox browser, select Tools in the browser toolbar. Then Options. Choose Advanced. On the Network tab, find Cache and select Clear now.
  • On the Web page, select Catalog in the navigation list in the left column. This goes to Catalog and Account Services.
  • On the Web page, select Login to the catalog and your account NOW!

Clear the history in your browser.

  • Follow the help information for your particular browser.

Clear the cookies in your browser which are for the library's catalog.

  • Delete all the cookies with these Internet addresses: or
  • To do this in the Internet Explorer browser,
    Select Tools
    Select Internet Options
    Find the General tab
    Select Settings
    Select View Files
    Sort the list by the column Internet Address
    Find all entries for
    Delete them by clicking on the Name for that Internet Address.
    (You can delete the cookies one-by-one or several at once.)
    Delete all entries for using the same method.
  • To do this in the Firefox browser,
    Select Tools
    Select Options
    Find the Privacy tab
    Find Cookies
    Select Show cookies
    Find the entries for
    Highlight the entry
    Select Remove cookies
    Do this for as well.

Check the security setting of your browser. Some customers have reported that changing their browser security from high to medium has worked.

  • If you use the Internet Explorer browser, select Tools in the browser toolbar. Then Internet Options. On the Security tab, find Internet. For the "security level for this zone", select Medium.
  • Another option is to set as a trusted site.

If you connect to the Internet using a satellite, please contact your Internet service provider to ensure they are not providing cached pages from the library's site.

See if you can connect to the library's catalog and your account using another computer.

Please call or visit any library branch.

  • Staff will attempt to connect to your account to ensure there is nothing amiss with the catalog software.
  • If you need to renew items or place holds, please contact your local library branch.

Still no luck? Please contact your Internet Service Provider for additional assistance in troubleshooting your connection to this particular site.

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