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love is poetry contest. March 21-April 10, 2022

Winners of the "Love is..." Poetry Contest

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Christy Bergemann - Then and Now
Emma Noelle de la Cruz - Love is Found
Tomaj Javidtash - When Love Is
Rosa Kwon - When They're Gone
Lauren Prather - Love is a Choice

See the winning poems and learn more about our poets!

Each person received a $50 Amazon e-gift card, a certificate signed by the Library Director and an invitation to read their poem at the library's virtual “Love is…” Poetry Celebration.

This contest was cosponsored by the Fairfax Library Foundation

Learn About Our Winners

Christy Bergemann enjoys reading, writing, exercising, qigong, and socializing with friends and family. Pre-Covid, she enjoyed traveling internationally and doing volunteer work, and she looks forward to eventually returning to those activities.

During her professional life, Christy had an extensive career as a writer/editor, working primarily on medical publications. Simultaneously, she spent many years teaching prenatal classes throughout the DMV. Additionally, as a government contractor, her company provided Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with all of its prenatal classes.

Christy retired a few years ago. She is married and has four sons, two are married and two are in long-term relationships. The addition of a granddaughter, almost 3 ½, and her brother, 10 months, complete the family, bringing the number to 12. Christy’s family brings her great joy.

Emma de la Cruz is a homeschooler in high school who loves music, art, and creative writing. She enjoys writing fiction (especially fantasy!), poetry, music, and more. She plans to pursue creative writing and hopes to publish a book in the near future – and many more books afterwards!

Tomaj Javidtash

Tomaj Javidtash is a blogger and self-published author, and his writing is devoted to themes in life philosophy and spirituality. Tomaj’s book Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics, published in 2014, is about how the wonders of quantum physics parallel those of human life and consciousness. His writings emphasize the convergence in meaning of all human perspectives on life, that in our search for meaning we are all united in spite of all of our apparent differences.

Tomaj has a B.S. in theoretical physics from the University of Maryland, and he is the math director at an education company in McLean, Virginia. Visit Tomaj’s blog at and go to Amazon to learn more about his book.

Rosa Kwon


Rosa Kwon is a current Senior at Mclean High School who’s planning to attend Kenyon College as an English major. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and came back to the States in 2020 after residing in Korea for 8 years. Rosa’s hobbies are playing guitar and binge reading satirical novels, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her all-time favorite book is Animal Farm!

For fun, Rosa loves bike riding around her neighborhood and traveling to new places, especially with friends. In ten years, she sees herself touring all around the globe to host lectures about her most recent publication. Rosa lives with her mother and father as well as her two younger brothers.

Lauren Prather

Lauren Prather is a student at George Mason University and is originally from Kentucky. She is a senior double majoring in Economics and Global Affairs, and she both excited and nervous to be graduating soon. Lauren loves writing and attributes it to her vast obsession with books. In her free time, she enjoys ice skating and baking many things for her friends and roommates.

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