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Strategic Planning

Public engagement initiatives and strategic planning for FCPL

Strategic Direction

The Library Board of Trustees, using the findings and recommendations from the Public Engagement Initiative and in consultation with the Library Director, developed the following priorities for the system:

Library Board Service Priorities

Age Appropriate Programming—Localized programming supported by demographic data as well as community interest.

Collection Development—Develop relevant and inspiring collections with a focus on both print and digital materials.

Technology—Improve information availability and delivery by focusing on access and innovation.

Strategic Alignment

The library occupies a unique position focusing outward to the community, inward to library staff and upward within Fairfax County. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has articulated eight priorities, three of which apply directly to the library: A Quality Education System; Living, Caring and Affordable Communities; and Recreation and Cultural Opportunities. The county also has seven vision elements which the library helps to achieve. In addition, there is a Strategic Plan to Facilitate the Economic Success of Fairfax County with its own corresponding goals and vision for achieving them. Each of these upward oriented factors impacts the way the library provides resources and services to the community.

As an important community hub, the library provides the bridge whereby county vision meets community reality. Working to ensure needs are met, priorities addressed, and vision realized, the library strives to align its work with that of the larger mission of Fairfax County. Alignment ensures that common beliefs meet concerted action in the collective pursuit of a clear result.

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