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Strategic Planning

Public engagement initiatives and strategic planning for FCPL

System Goals and Objectives

Goal: Expand access to library services.

Strategic Focus: Access

  • Objective 1—Explore alternative venues and seek creative opportunities to bring the library to the community.
  • Objective 2—Diversify and enhance collections.
  • Objective 3—Identify and eliminate barriers to access.

Goal: Foster an environment of innovation.

Strategic Focus: Innovation

  • Objective 1—Encourage critical thinking, creativity, and thoughtful risk taking within the library community.
  • Objective 2—Develop and implement new methods of marketing library services to expand use.

Goal: Design events and services that engage our diverse and dynamic community.

Strategic Focus: Civic Engagement

  • Objective 1—Ensure a welcoming and positive experience.
  • Objective 2—Provide engaging programs, events, and services that encourage learning and development.
  • Objective 3—Promote and develop strategies for lifelong learning.
  • Objective 4—Explore, create, and maintain partnerships with community organizations / agencies.

Goal: Integrate technology that will enhance and expand the library experience.

Strategic Focus: Technology

  • Objective 1—Provide technology training to ensure traditional and evolving library services.
  • Objective 2—Research and implement technology based on community needs.

Goal: Provide literacy services and materials across age ranges.

Strategic Focus: Literacy

  • Objective 1—Grow library services around early or youth literacy.
  • Objective 2—Provide English as a Second Language services in communities of need.
  • Objective 3—Support literacy through collections, technology, and partnerships.
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