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Strategic Planning

Public engagement initiatives and strategic planning for FCPL

The library extends its appreciation and thanks to the library support groups, stakeholders, and the many individual library staff members from all levels of the organization who, through their survey responses, discussion board postings, emails, comments, conversations, editorial review and helpful advice, have contributed to the development of the Fairfax County Public Library Strategic Plan.


[as of October 2014]

Karrie K. Delaney, Chair - Sully District

Michael S. Donovan, Vice Chair - Braddock District

Priscille Dando - Fairfax County Public Schools; Library Board Planning Committee

Charles Fegan - At-Large; Library Board Planning Committee

Suzanne S. Levy - City of Fairfax; Library Board Planning Committee

Darren Ewing - Dranseville District

Shelia Janega - Hunter Mill District

Willard O. Jasper - Lee District

Fran Millhouser - Mason District

Gary G. Russell - Mount Vernon District

Miriam Smolen - Providence District

Yearn Hong Choi - Springfield District

Library Leadership

Jessica Hudson—Library Director
Christine Jones—Library Deputy Director
Susan Harman—Director Library Foundation

Staff Strategic Planning Committee

Kim Appich • James Cullen • Jennifer Dickinson • Valerie Drummond • Renee Edwards • Ivelisse Figueroa-Gonzalez • Sophia Garzan • Douglas Miller • Katilyn Miller • Azar Momeni • Mary Mulrenan • Steve Okrend • Ken Plummer • Bethany Richardson • Nancy Ryan • Linda Schlekau • Sarah Souther • Keisha Strand • Steve Walker

Secondary Planning Committee

Melanie Adams • Jane Ampah • Chris Bartholomew • Ingrid Bowers • Liviu Carare • Erin Chernisky • Dianne Coan • Sondra Eklund • Abigail Fine • Mary Fox • Valerie Ferino • Sarah Garcia • Tiguh Gebru • Gary Goodson • Jenny Grimsley • Robert Harvey • Salima Hassouni • Ginger Hawkins • Martha Sue Hess • Ted Kavich • Lisa Kern • Kayse Kosar • Ed Kukulka • David Mertens • Matthew Moffett • Rebecca Molineaux • Jennifer McCullough • Lauren NEal • David Newhall • Melanie Parsons • Jerilyn polson • Laura Raymond • America Reichel • Emily Riley • Ghazala Shah • Rabinder Singh • Deborah Smith-Cohen


Allison Mulligan—Fairfax County Office of Organizational Development and Training

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