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My Perfect Read

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Ted Kavich

Ted Kavich reading The Walking Dead: Book Twelve.

Many of my favorite books fall squarely in the horror genre. I became a horror fan as a teen but it was through movies, not books. Viewing Alien (1979) in the theater at the tender age of 12 was a life-changing experience for me – I’d never been so terrified and entertained at the same time. Then I discovered the joys of reading scary stuff. I’m also a fan of humor, geeky topics and contemporary fiction.

I like stories set in the present day or recent past (within the last few decades, plus I love the 80s!) that deal with people’s lives, relationships, etc. – especially when there is humor or dark humor, and I also like some fantasy elements. I’ve enjoyed adventure books since I was a little kid (Swiss Family Robinson, etc.) – they inspired a lot of my play with action figures, dinosaurs, army men, etc. (And I’m still a big kid today.)

My favorite horror books include The Rising by Brian Keene (and really anything with zombies), The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz, short stories by H.P. Lovecraft and Ghost Story by Peter Straub.

Genres of Interest

  • Adventure
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • “Guy-Appeal” Fiction
  • Horror
  • Humor
  • Magical Realism
  • Nerd/Geek Fiction and Non-Fiction

In no particular order and grouped by genre:


Humorous “Guy Fiction”

Geeky Stuff

Adventure (with a touch of Sci-Fi)

Contemporary Fiction

Classics (with a touch of Fantasy)

  • Time and Again by Jack Finney
  • Little, Big by John Crowley

In my job as Administrative Services Director at Library Administration, I’m usually available during regular business hours on weekdays. Note that I’m sometimes at off-site meetings, so please allow a day or two for me to get back to you.

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