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Summer Reading for Youth and Adults

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How it Works

The gameboard is divided into three prize milestones. Play the game by completing the challenges and when you reach each prize milestone, submit a form to be entered into a random drawing for one of two Amazon e-gift cards. (You may only submit one form for each prize milestone.)

Don’t want to complete some (or any) of the gameboard challenges? In lieu of completing a challenge, read or listen to a book of your choice.

Teen Game Board // Tableros para Adolescentes

Activity 1: Attend a virtual library program OR read a book of your choice

For this challenge, you can attend an "in person" program or watch an on-demand program video on FCPL's YouTube channel.

New teen programs are added every Tuesday and Friday. From live programs on Zoom to videos that you can watch when it fits your schedule, there's something for everyone to enjoy online.

Activity 2: Read a book that has a main character with a disability OR read a book of your choice

Did you know that people with disabilities are the largest minority group in the United States? Almost 50 million Americans live with a disability! Unfortunately, people with disabilities are rarely portrayed in books and other media and when they are, their stories are often misrepresented or used to support the story of an abled main character.

For this challenge, read a book with a main character who has a disability. We've linked you to some recommended reads below.

*Note that many people in the Deaf community do not consider themselves to be disabled, which is why some people use the phrase "deaf and disabled" to describe the larger group of people with physical and cognitive impairments. We've included some books with deaf characters here because those books will count toward your challenge.

Activity 3: Visit the teen LibGuide OR read a book of your choice

If you're reading this, you're halfway there! Click this link to browse our Teen LibGuide for information, resources, and activities to keep you informed and occupied during your summer break.

Activity 4: Read some Instagram poetry OR read a book of your choice

Insta poetry is fire! For this challenge, check out some of the IG poets and poetry accounts we've linked below.

Don't see your favorite IG poet here? Let us know who else we should include! Email with suggestions.

Activity 5: Watch a movie or a TV series adapted from a book OR read a book of your choice

According to Merriam-Webster, an adaptation is "a composition rewritten into a new form" like when a book is turned into a screenplay that's turned into a movie or TV show!

According to us, an adaptation is another fun way to experience a story that you love! For this challenge, pick a movie, TV show, or recorded play of a book you like and watch it. After you're done watching the movie, talk with a family member or friend about similarities and differences between the book and the adaptation. Here are some things to talk about:

  • What parts of the plot (aka the story) did the movie add or leave out from the book?
  • Are the characters different than they were described in the book?
  • Does the setting look how you imagined it would look?
  • Which version do you like better and why?

Don't forget that we have DVDs available for checkout! Click here to browse our catalog.

Milestone 1

You're 5 challenges down--give yourself a pat on the back! Submit your first form to be entered into a drawing for one of two $50 Amazon gift cards. Drawing closes on August 14th. Winners will be chosen by August 31st.


Acvitiy 6: Look up your favorite author on Twitter OR read a book of your choice

Lots of authors use Twitter as a way to communicate with their readers and with each other. For this challenge, head over to Twitter and search for your favorite author. Do they have an account? Do they tweet often? If you have a Twitter account, we highly recommend following some of your favorite authors--you may get extra bookish content and news about new books before you hear it anywhere else!

Many authors love when their fans write to them and let them know how much they enjoyed their books. If you want to go the extra mile with this challenge, send your author a DM on Twitter or look up their contact information on their website and send them an email. It's very likely that you'll hear back but even if you don't, know how much it means to these authors to hear that you liked their stories.

Activity 7: Write a book review for the FCPL blog OR read a book of your choice

Did you know that FCPL has a Reviews and Recommendations blog? Our librarians share books that they have enjoyed and want to recommend to you. This is your opportunity to recommend books to children all over Fairfax County! Here's how to complete this challenge:

  • Choose a book that you've read recently that you'd like to recommend to other people. 
  • Click this link and fill out the SurveyMonkey form with your review.
  • Submit as many reviews as you want before the Summer Reading Adventure ends on August 14th.

If your review is shared on our blog, we'll send you an email to let you know.

Activity 8: Submit an essay or a poem to the For Love of Country Contest OR read a book of your choice

Click here for more details about the For Love of Country Essay & Poetry contest.

Activity 9: Read a YA nonfiction book OR read a book of your choice

Challenge yourself to learn something new and explore a nonfiction title. We promise that not all nonfiction books read like a textbook. Don't think you like nonfiction? Give it another shot. 

Click here for a list to get you started. 

Activity 10: Create word art with your favorite book quote OR read a book of your choice

Do you have a quote from a book that just sticks in your head? Why not make art with it!

There is a lot of different art that you can make with words. Here is some of what you can do:

Want to show off your work? Take a photo and tag us @fairfaxlibrary on Instagram. We'll repost your submissions in IG stories.

Milestone 2

You're absolutely crushing it! Ten challenges down and five to go. Submit your second form to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of two $100 Amazon gift cards. Drawing closes on August 14th. Winners will be chosen by August 31st. 

Activity 11: Make a playlist for the last book you read OR read a book of your choice

Fire up Spotify and create a playlist for the last book you read. Make a playlist for a specific scene, character or that matches the overall vibe of the book. 

Activity 12: Read a book over 500 pages OR read a book of your choice

Big books don't have to be intimidating! Some long books are so great that you won't even notice you're reading a tome toppler. Check below for some recommendations for long books that fly by. We think you'll agree that they're worth the extra reading time.

Activity 13: Submit a short film to the Teen Film Festival OR read a book of your choice

Click here for more details about the contest. You can watch last year's winners below.

Activity 14: Write a letter from one character to another OR read a book of your choice

Have you ever wondered what might happen if characters from different books could talk to one another? Now is your chance to find out! 

For this challenge, choose two characters from different books and write a series of letters back and forth to one another. Are they friends or enemies? What kind of advice do they give each other?

We know that people don't write many letters these days (or rather, we write lots of very short letters to each other all day long) so we've linked you to some YA books that are written in the epistolary format, meaning they're written in letters, emails, dairy entries or text messages. This should get you started.

Activity 15: Listen to an audiobook or serialized podcast OR read a book of your choice

Click here to browse our collection of e-audiobooks. If full length books aren't your thing, try a serialized podcast instead. These podcasts tell book length stories in bite sized pieces so you can enjoy the content in smaller doses. Some of the podcasts we like are below.

Note: The starred podcasts below might be better suited for older teens and could feature mature subjects or themes and some strong language. A trusted adult should preview these podcasts before you dive in.

Milestone 3

You've done it! 15 challenges up, 15 challenges down--there's nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you, my friend. Submit your final form to be entered into a drawing for one of two $150 gift cards. Drawing closes on August 14th. Winners will be chosen by August 31st. 


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