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Citizenship Resources

Citizenship & Immigration

Overview of Citizenship Resources

The library offers many resources to people looking for information on citizenship, immigration law, and where to go for help. Many library staff speak languages other than English as well, and can act as translators. To see which languages are spoken at your branch, view their branch webpage or call their Information Desk.

Library Online Resources

Library In-Branch Resources

The information you can find in a library covers what a candidate needs to know to become a US Citizen including: how to apply, how to prepare for and pass the exam, and how to have a successful interview. 

You can also find official USCIS questions and answers for lots of practice and a list of all of the English vocabulary words needed. Library branches offer books, DVDs, and toolkits on citizenship. These books come in English and other languages, such as Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and more. Many libraries also have a Citizenship Corner with information on how to prepare for the naturalization test. 

Many libraries also have scheduled events on citizenship. 

Other Recommended Websites

Mobile Resources

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