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Fact Checking and Media Literacy

Tools for discerning the reliability of news and information.

Overview of Fact Checking and Media Literacy

Our information landscape has never been more complex… or confusing. As technology evolves, so must our ability to judge the accuracy of news stories and sources. In this guide you will find tools for discerning the reliability of news and information — whether it appears on social media, TV or in the paper — including quick tips for detecting the misinformation sometimes referred to as “fake news.”

  • Quick tips for spotting “fake news.”
  • Online guides to help identify media bias.
  • Online resources that provide context on big issues.
  • Websites to fact check current news stories.

This Guide is Intended For

  • Adults evaluating news sources and stories.
  • College and high school students.
  • Parents (and other adults) teaching children.
  • Older adults.
  • Social media users.
  • Anyone interested in improving their fact checking skills.
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