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Homework Resources

Resources to help you study, write reports, do homework and more.

School Success and Wellness for Tweens and Teens


  • AAKOMA Project

    Teens or young adults may register for up to five free virtual mental health sessions.

Wellness Videos

Need a break from the pressures of school? Check out the helpful mindfulness videos . . . and just breathe!

Our Minds Matter: Summer Camp Playlist (for teens only)
Wellness videos designed to provide teens with the resources and tools to change their school culture around mental health.

Tools to Help you Stay Focused and Organized

Provided by Common Sense Media.

Apps to Help You Stay Focused

  • Dayboard: New Tab and Site Blocker
    Lots of kids are finding it more difficult than ever to manage their schoolwork. Dayboard is a plug-in that can be helpful for anyone who needs a simple, visual reminder of what they need to do. Just enter a total of five tasks and you'll see them every time you open a tab on your internet browser. That means whenever your kid launches Google Chrome, for example, to search for outfit ideas when they're supposed to be researching the Vietnam War, they'll see their list. For teens who are still distracted, there's also a site blocker to help keep them focused.
  • Bear in Mind
    For younger kids who need a simpler tool, this app might fit the bill. Kids or parents can create to-do lists and reminders so kids can keep track of their tasks all in one place.
  • Purp To-Do List & Goal Tracker
    There are lots of ways for kids to keep track of tasks, but having one go-to app can be helpful, especially if they're feeling overwhelmed. Busy kids can arrange their tasks and goals into preset, color-coded categories or create their own. They can track their progress over time and earn virtual badges as incentives. It's also possible to use across devices.

Note-Taking Apps for Teens and Tweens

Screen-Free Brain Breaks

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