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Job Seekers

Job search and career development resources.

FCPL Guide for Job Seekers

The job search process can be overwhelming. Particularly if you need to write a resume or learn how to interview. Or maybe you just don’t know which job would be a good fit for you.

This guide is a springboard to start your employment search. It provides tools to assist your job search and career development, including:

  • Online resources for job searching, company research, career growth, career test preparation and more.
  • Websites to help you find job openings, prepare for your job search and explore different careers.
  • Recommended reading on job hunting, resumes, interviewing and more.

This Guide Is Intended For

  • Anyone looking for employment.
  • Anyone seeking instructional videos on job-related skills.
  • Anyone looking for ways to develop their career.
  • Career changers.
  • Anyone looking for volunteer opportunities.
  • Anyone looking for information about unemployment or labor laws.

Graphic shows potential career path for someone with proper tools, such as those available in this guide.

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