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Public-Comment Documents (Fort Belvoir)

Promoting the availability of public-comment documents at FCPL branches

Deactivated SM-1 Nuclear Reactor Facility Decommissioning and Dismantlement

Final Environmental Assessment

Prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District; additional details and full report available on the project website.

Proposes to fully decommission and dismantle the Deactivated Stationary Medium Power Model 1 (SM-1) Reactor Facility on Fort Belvoir to a standard that allows for release of the site for unrestricted use. Through analysis and evaluation of the proposed action’s potential environmental impacts, USACE concludes that there would be no significant adverse impacts on the physical, cultural, and natural environment.

Public review period ends June 20, 2020.‚Äč

To offer your input, please follow the instructions outlined in the Notice of Availability.

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