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Economic Data

See also Online Economic-Related Resources.

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
    National, regional, international and industry economic data, including gross domestic product (GDP), personal income and international trade in goods and services.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • Economic News Releases
      Data on major economic indicators; employment and unemployment; inflation and prices; pay, benefits and workplace injuries; productivity and technology; employment projections; and regional news.

    • Economy at a Glance
      Economic statistics organized geographically for the nation, individual states, metropolitan areas or census regions.

  • Business and Economy
    The Census Bureau provides comprehensive information about the number, activities, characteristics and locations of American businesses.

  • Consumer Price Index
  • Economic Indicators
    A monthly publication of compiled U.S. government data on prices, wages, production, business activity, credit, etc. available from 1995 to the present. Prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers for the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee.

  • Federal Reserve Bank

  • Interest Rates
    • Federal Reserve Statistical Release — Selected Interest Rates
      Updated daily, Monday through Friday at 4:15 p.m., publication H.15 provides current commercial paper, bank prime loan, U.S. government securities and other interest rates.

    • Key Interest Rates
      The current federal funds rate, discount rate and their historical values from the Wall Street Journal's Market Data Center.

    • Prime Rate
      The Wall Street Journal polls selected banks to determine the U.S. prime rate. The prime rate is used by banks to set consumer lending rates, for example on credit cards and auto loans.

Online Economic-Related Resources

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