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Comic Con 2020

In case you missed our Virtual Library Comic Con from April 24-May 3, follow this link to Instagram and see it all!

Welcome to all things Comic Con 2020 for Fairfax County Public Libraries! 

Here you will find links to fun activities to inspire creativity and a love of comics and reading.

Superhero Training Camp

Please tag us on Instagram to show how many Superheroes we have in our midst! #comicconfcpl

Superhero Training

Cardboard City:

  1. Tape up empty boxes.
  2. Decorate those boxes to look like buildings.
  3. Set them up in a safe space to make it look like a city.
  4. Knock those buildings down to save the day!
  5. Repeat as much as you like.

Obstacle Course:

Here are some suggestions for obstacle course activities. These were done with chalk on a sidewalk, but make it your own! 

  1. Walk across imaginary fire!
  2. Jump super far!
  3. Practice flying!
  4. Leap over tall buildings!
  5. Strike a super pose!

The Game's Afoot

Here are some links to resources for playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Art Activities

Comic Academy with John Gallagher! Here are some video guides from the author of Max Meow Cat Crusader. 

Podcast Recommendations and Reviews

The world of podcasting is vast and seemingly limitless in terms of subject matter. Virtually any interest you have will be represented by a show out there. The downside of that is the amount of choices can be overwhelming, like a Cheesecake Factory Menu. So, we thought we would curate a few excellent shows to narrow down your nerdy needs.

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