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Sunny Carito

Sunny Carito with headphones, listening to an audiobook.

Driving back and forth between Los Angeles and San Francisco when I was in college on the horribly straight and boring interstate known as the 5, I started to listen to A Series of Unfortunate Events on cassette (yes, really) read by the incredible Tim Curry (there were a few read by the author but that was blessedly fleeting). This launched a love of audiobooks that became a multiple decade career in audiobook production and professional reviewing, and even inspired me to become a librarian.

Juggling work, commute, and a kid, audiobooks have frequently been the only way for me to find significant time to read. It’s been a long while since I popped a cassette into my car stereo, since I’m now usually plugged into an app. I consider spreading the good word of Overdrive a personal (and professional) mission. 

When I’m not using my ears to consume books I read the same genres, but with a large dose of comics thrown in. I’m a DC reader (Marvel movie fan). Batman is my favorite (especially when written by Frank Miller or Paul Dini), but I have long-honed love of indie books. Maybe it’s my theater background, but when multiple forces come together to tell me a story (pictures and words, words and performance) I find myself dazzled. Hopefully I can find something that will dazzle you too.

Favorite Genres:

  • Audiobooks (especially anything read by Scott Brick)
  • British Detective Mysteries
  • Fantasy
  • Graphic Novels
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • Quirky Non-Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction and Children's Literature (as my reading interests and youth services career have dovetailed)

The Books I re-read and re-listen to often

Graphic Novels


Young Adult


Books and Audiobooks


Young Adult


In my job as a Youth Services Librarian at the Pohick branch my hours vary. Since I'm part time it may take a few days for me to be back in the library to see your messages, thanks for your patience!

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