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You’re Gonna Make It!

Take & Make Activities at Sherwood Regional Library

Take and Make activity kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may wish to call ahead to confirm availability.

703-765-3645 | TTY 711 | 2501 Sherwood Hall Ln, Alexandria VA 22306-2799

Plant a Marigold Seed (Juvenile)

Suggested ages 4 and Up 
Available April 26th (while supplies last)

This month is Citizen Science Month, and in honor of exploration and discovery we are giving out marigold seeds! Plant them in a garden, grow then in a jar or cup, use soil, cotton balls, or paper towels to experiment, or gift them to someone!

The seeds may be picked up at Sherwood Regional Library while supplies last.
Call 703-765-3645 to pick the seeds through our curbside service.

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