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Photo Gallery

Mike Taylor

1,000 Hours--Mike Taylor

1,000 Hours--Paul Allard

1,000 Hours--Craig Beyers

1,000 Hours--Lisa Berberian

1,000 Hours--Moira Doherty

1,000 Hours - Helen Critchfield

1,000 Hours--John Goto

3,000 Hours--Janet Baxter

3,000 Hours--Hank Brown

3,000 Hours--Wendell Driggers

Exceptional Service--Jessica Storrs

Exceptional Service--David Whitman

2019 Star Volunteer Awardees

Length of Service Honorees

1,000 Hours

Donna Rupp--Burke Centre

Mike Taylor--Dolley Madison

Linda Henderson--Great Falls

Paul Allard--George Mason

Nancy Gray--George Mason

Maureen Cohen--Oakton

Tom Comi--Oakton

Craig Beyers--Pohick and Richard Byrd

Lisa Berberian--Reston

Richard Conner--Reston

Moira Doherty--Reston

Helen Critchfield--Thomas Jefferson and Kings Park

John Goto--Thomas Jefferson


3,000 Hours

Janet Baxter--Reston
Hank Brown--Reston
Wendell Driggers--Reston
Tom Wright--Reston


Exceptional Service Honorees

Daniel Jewell--Burke Centre
David Whitman--City of Fairfax
Jessica Storrs--Kingstonwe

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