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Friends of the Library

Help enrich your community by becoming a Friend of the Fairfax County Public Library!

Friends' Choice Awards

About the Award

The Friends’ Choice Award was established in 2008.  Its purpose is to recognize the valuable contributions of Library Friends members.  This award allows each Library Friends groups to annually spotlight a particular member(s) whose efforts have had a positive impact on the work of the Friends group.


There are no predetermined criteria for the award.  Each individual friends group can decide on their own how they would like to select the recipient of the Friends’ Choice Award.  Ideas that Friends groups may wish to consider are: longest serving member, member with the most hours of service, member who has completed a specific task or initiated a new project. 

This is a voluntary awards programs and friends groups are not required to nominate anyone.

Award Ceremony

All Friends’ Choice awardees will be invited to attend the Library Board of Trustees meeting and a special reception on October 2, 2019 at the Kings Park Library at 6:30 p.m. to receive their award and be recognized by the Board for their efforts and contributions. 

All Friends group members are also invited to attend the reception and awards ceremony.



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