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Homework Resources

Resources to help you study, write reports, do homework and more.

Overview of Homework Resources

Welcome to Homework Resources. This guide will help you find free resources to explore new ideas and get help with homework topics, and includes:

  • Research material for papers and homework help for students in grades Pre-K-6 and 7-12.
  • Recommended websites for homework subjects including History, Math, Science and more.
  • Resources to find a tutor, prepare for the Standards of Learning (SOL) exams, AP exams, the SAT and more.
  • Recommended books for homework and school success.

This Guide is Intended For

  • Pre-K-12 students.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers.
  • Anyone who enjoys lifelong learning.

Homework Resources Online and In-Branch

The library has resources to help you study, write reports and do homework

Girl checks out library books.

Free access to tools you may need:

  • Computers with Microsoft Office apps and internet.

Helpful, free resources at your fingertips:

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