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Homework Resources

Resources to help you study, write reports, do homework and more.

Good Starting Points

For online practice tests and tutorial courses for students, see LearningExpress Library database. (Choose School Center. Requires a library card.)

  • Distance Learning Resources
    • Wide Open School
      This collection of free activities and resources aims to help students, parents and teachers feel more comfortable with distance learning. It consists of three main sections.
      • Student Activities. Students choose subjects such as math, science, social studies, reading, fitness, arts, field trips and more. Then they choose their grade level category to find lessons, videos, websites and activities. They can also select the Daily Plan for their grade level to find daily lessons, well-being activities and brain breaks.
      • Family & Teacher Center. The Family Center offers advice to parents and caregivers to help make a better learning from home experience. The Teacher Center helps teachers find resources to work with families, tips for teaching with technology and more.
      • Recursos en Español. Offers activities and resources for Spanish speaking families.

Wide Open School was created by nonprofit organization Common Sense with more than 80 content partners and supporters.

  • DK Find Out!
    This highly visual site offers articles, quizzes and videos to help kids learn and explore the world.
  • Khan Academy
    This site offers free educational videos for kids and teens. Content includes math, science, history, reading, test preparation and more.
  • Newsela
    Create a free account to read articles about current events and other topics. Each article is available in five reading levels from elementary to MAX (the original version). Articles come from Newsela’s content partners such as The Washington Post, Scientific American and You may practice writing responses and answer quiz questions about what you’ve read. Some articles are also available in Spanish.
  • Smithsonian
    The Smithsonian Institutions are world-renowned facilities of research and education. There are a variety of subjects of interest and primary resources for research needs. Kids and teens can learn about art, history, culture, science and nature. Also check out Open Access for free use pictures from all the Smithsonian museums and collections.
  • TED-Ed
    Students can discover big ideas by watching short, animated videos. The subjects include math, arts, science and social studies. TED-Ed encourages students to create their own TED-style talks. This project is part of TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.
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