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A glance at modern games Last Updated: Aug 28, 2023 10:25 AM

Games for Couples

More and more games are made specifically for two people. These can be good for:

  • A parent and child,
  • Two siblings or friends, or
  • Couples.

Modern games for two players range from short, quick, compact games with few rules to complex strategy games that last hours. The best part about modern games is that they have widely varying themes that appeal to a larger number of people.

Classic game for 2: chess


Box cover of PatchworkHave you ever wanted to make your own quilt, but lacked any crafting talent? Patchwork is a game that empowers you to do just that. This is a strictly two player game that takes about 30 minutes to play. Players take turns choosing different patchwork tiles and adding them to their quilt. The tiles are of all different sizes and shapes and the player who can fit them on their quilt the best will come out on top. With only a few rules and quick turns the game goes by in a flash leaving you wanting to quickly reset the pieces and play again. There's even a Patchwork Express spin off that is geared towards younger players (fewer pieces) and older players (larger pieces with better readability).

This game is great for:

  • People who like quilting, knitting and other crafts,
  • Playing with grandparents,
  • Those that like quick turns with only a few options per turn,
  • People who like fitting pieces together while doing puzzles and playing games like Tetris.

Book cover for The Big Book of Strip Quilts

Other games you might enjoy:

  • Patchwork Doodle
  • Lost Cities
  • Cottage Garden

Books you might enjoy:


Box cover of RaptorRaptor features a theme many book and movie lovers will find familiar: dinosaurs and humans alive at the same time. In this game one player plays the scientist trying to capture baby raptors for research while the other player is the mother raptor trying to scare away researchers. Each player has a hand of cards and the cards are used for both performing special actions and also for performing a certain number of basic actions per turn. This all depends on what you and your opponent reveal at the same time in a clever card playing system. It's a quick game which means you can swap roles for a quick second game afterwards.

This game is great for:

  • Those who like quick card games,
  • People who like Jurassic Park and similar books,
  • Those who want to play a game that has different roles,
  • People who like clever card play that is popular in many traditional card games.

Book cover for Jurassic Park

Other games you might enjoy:

  • Duelosaur Island
  • 7 Wonders Duel
  • Jurassic Park: Danger! Adventure Strategy Game

Books you might enjoy:


Box cover of JaipurJaipur is a blend of tactics, risk and luck. This is a game of trading for two people trying to become the most powerful trader in the city of Jaipur. Over three rounds players will buy, sell and exchange goods with a central marketplace. A wrinkle is the camel cards that players have to consider when they exchange with the market that can sway things in favor of the opponent. Using your camel cards wisely can be the deciding factor other whether you or your opponent win the round. The game features high quality cards, tokens and refreshing artwork.

This game is great for:

  • People who like the trading aspect of games like Monopoly,
  • Those who like best two-out-of-three gameplay,
  • Fans of travelogues.

Book cover for The White Tiger

Other games you might enjoy:

  • Imhotep: The Duel
  • Mandala
  • Corinth

Books you might enjoy:

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