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A glance at modern games Last Updated: Feb 8, 2024 9:36 AM

Games for the Whole Family

Family games are generally games considered to have a broad appeal to many different age groups. This means:

  • The kids can have fun while still being engaging for teens and adults to play,
  • There aren't many rules,
  • Games take less than a 45 minutes to play, and
  • There's usually a bit of luck that will allow the youngest players to do well.

These games can be played after dinner for a family game night or even back to back on the weekend if the weather is keeping your family inside.

family fun board games

Sushi Go!

Box cover of Sushi GoThis 2–5 player game is all about collecting the right amount of the right kind of different sushi dishes. Players will start with a hand of cards and they will choose one and reveal them simultaneously. Then they pass the cards to the next player and receive a new hand of cards from the player on the other side of them. Repeat this six to nine times, depending on the number of players, and then count up your score for the round. You can play three or four rounds and total up the score for a longer game. Sounds easy, right? Will you push your luck and try to collect three sashimi for 10 points or play it safe and collect a bunch of dumplings? Want even more sushi? Try Sushi Go Party! that introduces a more varied lineup of sushi types.

This is a great game for:

  • Families who like traditional card games like Hearts or Canasta,
  • People who like sushi,
  • Kids that will enjoy the silly artwork.

Book cover for How to Draw Cute Food

Other games you might enjoy:

  • Kingdomino
  • Karuba
  • For Sale

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Silver & Gold

Box cover of Silver & GoldIn this 2–4 player game you play as adventurers trying to find buried treasure. Each round two to four players will fill in treasure cards with different Tetris-like shapes. Once you complete a card you get to choose another one. Will you try to complete treasure cards with bonuses? Or those with lots of gold coins or palm trees? In this innovative game you write directly on various cards with dry erase markers and then wipe them clean for the next round. There's a good bit of strategy even though there's only a few cards in front of players at any given time. After 6 rounds, count up the points and find out who was the most successful pirate!

This is a great game for:

  • Anyone who likes pirates,
  • Fans of "roll and write" games like Yahtzee,
  • People who enjoy simple card games with innovative twists.

Book cover for The Plunder Down Under

Other Games you Might Enjoy:

  • Qwinto
  • Number 9
  • King of Tokyo

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Ticket to Ride: London / New York

Box cover of Ticket To Ride: LondonTicket to Ride: London (or Ticket to Ride: New York) is a game about making connections on a small map of London. 2–4 players take turns by doing one of three very simple actions; draw bus cards, claim a route with those cards, or choose new destination cards. The destination cards show you where you should claim routes in order to score points. At the end of the game all the players reveal their destination cards and add those points to the points scored for claiming routes during the game to find out who won.

This game is great for:

  • People who like maps,
  • Children to learn basic strategy,
  • Fans of games like Rummy.

Book cover for Great Streets of the World

Other Games you Might Enjoy:

  • Point Salad
  • Cat Lady
  • Planet

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