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A glance at modern games Last Updated: Feb 8, 2024 9:36 AM

Party Time!

It's a great time to get back into playing party games.  The word party being used very vaguely here, but generally accepted to mean a game that can support 4 or more players and is more about having a good time than outright winning.

  • Family gatherings and holidays,
  • Lunch break games with colleagues,
  • Groups that are a mix of older teenagers and adults.

Party game time!

Half Truth

Box cover of Half Truth=Half Truth is an innovative trivia game where half of the 6 provided answers are correct and the other half are incorrect.  Ken Jennings, of Jeopardy! fame, has teamed up with one of the greatest game designers of all time to create a trivia game that keeps people from feeling dumb.  You can probably guess one of the 3 possible correct answers, but the fun comes from pushing your luck to try to guess the other correct answers.  But if any of your answers are wrong, you get nothing!  A really fun time for 3-6 players.

This game is great for:

  • Trivia fans,
  • People who want to gamble for a bigger payout,
  • People that know random facts.

Book cover for The Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything

Other games you might enjoy:

  • Wits & Wagers: It's Vegas, Baby!
  • Timeline (series)
  • Smart10

Books you might enjoy:

Camel Up (Second Edition)

Box cover of Camel Up=Who wouldn't want to bet on a camel race where the camels climb onto the backs of other camels and some run in the opposite direction?  That's the wacky premise in Camel Up.  Camels land on top of other camels and move as a stack if the lower camels then move.  Place bets, lay traps, or shake a pyramid to roll a random die in order to win.  This game plays in about 45 minutes and is perfect for 4-5 people (while still being fun with 3 people or even 6-8 people).  Despite it sounding a bit chaotic, there's definitely some interesting choices when considering the probabilities of which camel will move and how many spaces it will move that will have players saying things like "Red 2 then Green 2 or 3 and no Yellow!"

This game is great for:

  • People who like betting games,
  • Those fond of thinking about probabilities,
  • People who like wacky fun.

Book cover for You Can't Lose Them All

Other games you might enjoy:

  • Long Shot: The Dice Game
  • Downforce
  • Jamaica

Books you might enjoy:

Just One

Box cover of Just One=Not all party games are about competition.  In Just One, players are working together to give clues to another player to help them guess a word.  Any of the one word clues that match up with another clue-giver's word are removed which means fewer words for the guesser to see.  This means clue-givers can't be too obvious or too esoteric with their words or the guesser will be in the dark.  Just One plays quickly and works great with 4-7 people who want to feel clever.

This game is great for:

  • Those who get stressed out by competition,
  • Groups where people know each other very well,
  • A fun lunch break game at work with colleagues,
  • Fans of classic party games like Scattergories or Taboo.

Book cover for Friend & Foe

Other games you might enjoy: 

  • Wavelength
  • So Clover!
  • Codenames

Books you might enjoy:

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