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Vinyl Player - Centreville Regional Library


Vinyl converter

This equipment can encode your vinyl records into digital format and record it onto a USB device or SD card as MP3 files. The vinyl player is a stand-alone device and does not need to be used with a computer. Sound quality will depend on the quality of the original record, and recordings will be done in real time.

It is available only at the Centreville Regional Library. Please come to the Information Desk to check in and pick up the equipment.

Prepare your vinyl for recording

  1. Lift the turntable cover all the way up until it stops.

  2. Lower the cover slowly until the latch engages – it will now stay open.

  3. Turn on the unit and adjust the volume to an appropriate level using the buttons on the front of the machine.

  4. Turn the Function knob to the PHONO position.

  5. Place a record on the turntable platter and select the correct player speed: 35/45/78 rpm according to the vinyl being played.

  6. When Playing a 45 rpm record use the included 45 adaptor.

  7. Set the Auto Stop switch to ON to stop the turntable turning when the record is finished. If the switch is set to OFF, the turntable will continue turning.

  8. Insert a storage device (USB or SD card) into the relevant slot on the right side of the machine.

Start the recording

  1. Insert Headphones into the Earphone Jack.

  2. Press the REC/DEL button on the front of the machine to start recording. “rE” will appear on the display screen and the “REC” LED will illuminate. A few seconds later the “REC” LED will start flashing and recording will begin.

  3. Unlock the Tone Arm lock.

  4. Push the lift lever up to raise the Tone Arm and then gently move the Tone Arm to the desired position over the record.

  5. The platter will begin to spin when the Tone Arm is moved toward the record. Push the Lift Lever forward to lower to Tone Arm slowly onto the desired position on the record. The record will begin playing.

  6. If the auto switch is turned to ON, the record will stop playing automatically, if it is set to OFF, the record will not stop automatically.

  7. Press the STOP/USB/SD button to stop recording. The music tracks will be saved directly on the USB flash drive/SD card as an MP3 file.

NOTE: the recording volume level can be adjusted with the volume control knob. The recording speed is 1:1. Recording will take as long as playing the record. The recording format is preset at MP3 bit rate 128 kbps.

Finishing Up

The latch should disengage. Slowly lower the cover.

  1. When the record is finished, push the Lift Lever backwards to raise the Tone Arm and gently move it back to its rest position.

  2. Engage the Tone Arm lock to protect it from accidental movement. Press the Power button to switch the unit off.

  3. Lift the cover all the way up until it stops.

  4. Make sure you hold the cover carefully to avoid pinching your fingers as it closes.

Using your computer at home, your saved MP3 files can now be edited or transferred to other devices.

You can edit your Mp3 files at home using the free software called Audacity. Audacity is not available on Fairfax County Public Library computers. The software can be downloaded to your computer from Audacity.

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