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Aging and Disability

Aging and Disability Resources Last Updated: Sep 8, 2023 11:39 AM

Assistive Technology

The Access Services branch of the Fairfax County Public Library removes barriers to library services for people with disabilities.

The following assistive equipment is available at Access Services. Demonstrations are available by appointment.

Many branches offer assistive equipment. Contact the information desk at your local library branch for additional information.

  • FM, Infrared, and Audio Loop Assisted Listening

Access Services loans portable FM, infrared or loop systems for meetings and events. Please call to reserve an assisted listening system two weeks in advance.

  • Magnifiers

Access Services has magnifiers available for loan. Please call to reserve magnifiers two weeks in advance.

  • myReader2

myReader2 is an auto reader and magnifier.

  • PhonicEar®: Personal Listening FM System

Augments speech through headphones with the presenter using a small microphone. Please call to reserve a personal listening device two weeks in advance.

  • Pico: Portable Video Magnifier

Lightweight and portable magnification device.

  • SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance

A scanner that recognizes text, translates it into speech then reads the text aloud.

  • Smart View: Video Magnifier

System that magnifies print placed on its display board up to 60x with different text and background colors.

  • Tieman Braille Voyager: Braille Display Device

Electronic display that translates text into electronically raised pins simulating braille.

  • Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader is a DAISY (Digital Audio Information System) and MP3 player.

  • Perkins Brailler

Typewriter-style machine that writes in braille.


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