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Overdrive MP3 Audiobooks

If you download books from BARD, you may also be interested in exploring Fairfax County Public Library’s OverDrive service. FCPL offers free eBooks and eAudiobooks through OverDrive. eAudiobooks in MP3 format can be played on the NLS digital player. You will need a library card to check out and download books from OverDrive. Contact Access Services if you do not have a library card. Titles checked out on your card are returned automatically when the checkout period expires or may be returned early. Ten items may be borrowed at a time. Books can also be placed on reserve. You will receive an email notification when reserved item becomes available.

  1. Install software
    From the Overdrive site Install OverDrive Media Console on your device (computer):
  2. Browse, check out, and download titles on your computer
    1. Visit the library website
    2. Under Books | Movies | Audio, select OverDrive.
    3. Click on Collections in the top menu bar, then select Available Now under Audiobooks.
    4. The side menu offers several options to choose from including Subject, Format & Audience.
    5. When a title is available, a green bar at the top of the cover image will read Available. Underneath the cover, select Borrow.
    6. Enter your library card number and password when prompted. If preferred, allow the device to remember login information.
    7. Find the title and select Download (select MP3 format).
    8. Then select Confirm & Download.
    9. When Get Media window opens, select OK.
    10. Click OK again when Download Window appears.
  3. Storing MP3 files on your device (NLS cartridge or usb drive).
    1. Connect your device to your computer.
    2. Create a folder on your usb drive or NLS cartridge called: audio+podcasts. When creating this folder, use the + sign between audio and podcasts.
    3. Additional folders may be created under that main folder. MP3 files will be played sequentially based on their file names. NLS digital talking book player will not announce the names of the files because it does not have a built in text to speech engine.
    4. Use the Menu feature on your advanced player to jump by files or folders.
  4. Transfer titles to your device (NLS cartridge or usb drive)
    1. Connect your device to your computer.
    2. Select the title you just downloaded & and click the Transfer button on the menu bar.
    3. When the Transfer Wizard opens, click Next.
    4. When your device is detected, the "Confirm" screen is displayed.
    5. Click Next. The title is transferred to your device.
    6. Click Finish.
  5. To view How-to-videos, select HELP icon on the OverDrive home page.
  6. For additional instructions on downloading eBooks & eAudiobooks on Apple & Android devices visit:
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