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Adults and 50-Plus

You may be surprised to discover the variety of activities offered at the library. Visit us for reading recommendations, technology assistance, special events, research help, retirement planning resources and more. Last Updated: Jul 19, 2024 9:56 AM

local author book festival writers

Many authors are participating! Want to learn more about our writers?

Check out their biographies!


Kristen J. Amundson

Henry G. Brinton

Ethan T. Burroughs

Edward Belfar

Elizabeth Bell

Leena Bhatnagar

César Brioso

Mary Buckingham Lipsey

Kacy Cooney

A.S. Drayton

Asma Elgouacem

Maan Gabriel

Jennifer Garman

Kristi Guillory Reid

Crystal Hamlin-Tramack

Najma Khorrami

Chef Cal Kraft

Kevin J Laws

Bill Lewers

Maida Malby

Jerry Markowitz

Liza Martini

Jenny Masur

Gail Morin

Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans

Kamakshi Murti

Anita Nahal

Neal Nathan

Nick Ngazoire Nteireho

Frances Park

Ginger Park

Lauren Kristen Roberts

Ian Rodgers

Neal Sainsbury

Amir Siddiqui

Beverly Samuel and Alyssa Samuel

S. A. Snyder

Mora Soan

Keisha Strand

Patricia Street

Patricia Tanumihardja

Savannah Thompson

April Weiner

Eric Weinhagen

Cazzy Zahursky


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