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Virginia Room Research Last Updated: Jul 10, 2024 4:57 PM

Fairfax County History Index

The Fairfax County History Index is a collection of references to Fairfax County culled from a variety of sources. The Index was started on index cards in the 1960's by the staff of the Virginia Room and eventually grew to some 20,000 entries. Numerous staff and volunteers have contributed over the years. In 1997 and 1998, Virginia Room volunteer Frank Passuth, working under the supervision of historian Brian Conley, entered the cards into a computer database. It is not an exhaustive index to the sources consulted, but rather a collection of references relating to Fairfax County that have been gleaned from them. The source codes are given along with the volume, issue, page number(s), and for magazines and newspapers, the date. 

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Subject Index to Northern Virginia History Magazines

In 1997, Alexandria Library created an index to various Northern Virginia magazines featuring articles about local history. The index was maintained until 2016 and can be viewed here. 

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