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Virginia Room Research Last Updated: Jul 10, 2024 4:57 PM

Manuscript Collections

Since 1964, the Virginia Room has been collecting and preserving original records and documents of the organizations, businesses, and individuals of Fairfax County.

  • Below is a list of our collections
  • Processed collections have a highlighted hyperlink to their finding aids
  • Unprocessed collections without a finding aid remain closed to researchers at this time

Please contact the Virginia Room to make an appointment to view processed collections.

Newly Processed Collections

Record Group 03: Communities

MSS # Collection Titles
03-01 Town of Clifton Records
03-02 Annandale, Virginia Collection
03-03 Burke, Virginia Collection
03-04 Centreville, Virginia Collection
03-05 Dunn Loring, Virginia Collection
03-06 Clifton, Virginia Collection
03-07 Fairfax, Virginia Collection
03-08 Falls Church, Virginia Collection
03-09 Great Falls, Virginia Collection
03-10 Gum Springs, Virginia Collection
03-11 Herndon, Virginia Collection
03-12 Lorton, Virginia Collection
03-13 McLean, Virginia Collection
03-14 Reston, Virginia Collection
03-15 Springfield, Virginia Collection
03-16 Vienna, Virginia Collection
03-17 Oakton, Virginia Collection
03-18 Fairfax Station, Virginia Collection
03-19 Franconia, Virginia Collection

Record Group 04: Historic Sites

MSS # Collection Titles
04-01 Turley Hall Collection
04-02 Fairfax County Courthouse Collection
04-03 Mountain View Collection
04-04 Historic American Buildings Survey Architectural Drawings of Historic Fairfax County Buildings
04-05 Dranesville Tavern Collection
04-06 Royal Oaks Collection
04-07 Langley Ordinary Collection
04-08 Quailwood Collection
04-08 One University Plaza Collection

Record Group 05: Community Organizations

MSS # Collection Titles
05-01 Historical Society of Fairfax County Records
05-02 League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area Scrapbooks
05-03 Annandale District Council Records
05-04 Republican Committee of Fairfax County Papers
05-05 Fairfax County Council of PTAs Records
05-06 United Daughters of the Confederacy Scrapbooks
05-07 Children of the Confederacy Scrapbooks
05-08 Neighbors for a Better Community Records
05-09 Junior Woman's Club of McLean Records
05-10 Springfield Music Club Scrapbooks
05-11 Greenway Downs Citizens Association Records
05-12 Accotink Heights Civic Association Records
05-13 Fairfax Heritage Society Records
05-14 Fairfax Historical Society Records
05-15 Pimmit Hills Citizens Association Records
05-16 McLean Citizens Association Records
05-17 Franklin Park Civic Improvement League Records
05-18 Fairfax County Home Demonstration Club Records
05-19 Oak Ridge Citizens Association Records
05-20 Red House Cove Association v. Morauer & Hartzell, Inc. Litigation Files
05-21 Penn Daw Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Records
05-22 Old Lee Hills Civic Association Records
05-23 Chesterbrook Methodist Church Collection
05-24 Ladies Current Events Club Records
05-25 School and Civic League of McLean, Virginia Minutes
05-26 St. Timothy's Episcopal Church Records
05-27 City of Fairfax Band Collection
05-28 Crestwood Woman’s Club, Springfield, Virginia Collection
05-29 Springfield Acres Garden Club Collection
05-30 Pine Ridge Women's Club Collection
05-31 Great Falls Citizens Association Records
05-32 Centreville Grange No. 750 Dues Account Book
05-33 Virginia Hills Citizens Association Papers
05-34 Fairfax Symphony Orchestra Scrapbook
05-35 Franklin Civic Association Records
05-36 Franklin Area Citizens Association Records
05-37 Franklin Park Women’s Club Collection
05-38 National Gardens Baptist Church Records
05-40 Ballantrae Ski Club Records
05-41 Modern Woodmen of America, Fairfax Chapter Records
05-42 Sully Foundation Records
05-43 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University Catalogs
05-44 Potomac Charge Records
05-45 Westmore Youth Service Club Scrapbook
05-46 Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department Minutes
05-47 Thursday Morning Garden Club Collection
05-48 Clifton Community Women’s Club Collection
05-49 Historic Fairfax City Inc. Papers
05-50 American Cancer Society Fairfax County Chapter Records
05-51 Optimist Club of McLean, Virginia Scrapbook
05-52 Woman’s Club of Fairfax Collection
05-53 Vale Club Records
05-54 Quilters Unlimited Papers
05-55 Woman's Club of McLean Papers
05-56 Willow Brook Garden Club Papers
05-57 Daughters of the American Revolution Collection
05-58 Northern Virginia Conservation Council Papers
05-59 Fairfax County Community Chest Papers
05-60 Garden Club Collection
05-61 Rotary Club Collection
05-62 Chocolate Lovers Festival Collection
05-63 Northern Virginia Association for History Records
05-64 Sherwood Farm Collection
05-65 McLean Estates Civic Association Records
05-66 George Mason Junior Woman’s Club Scrapbook
05-67 Fairfax Chorus Records
05-68 Sleepy Hollow Woods Garden and Craft Club Records
05-69 Fairfax Ferns Garden Club Records
05-70 Rocky Run Garden Club Scrapbooks
05-72 Friends of Dyke Marsh Records
05-73 Orange Hunt Civic Association Records
05-74 Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations, Inc. Records
05-75 Great Falls Historical Society, Virginia Collection
05-76 Fairfax Home Economists in Home and Community Club Records
05-77 Holmes Run Acres Civic Association Collection
05-78 West Springfield Little League Records
05-79 The InterService Club Council of Fairfax, Virginia Records
05-80 Fairfax County Dance Coalition Records
05-81 Dancin' Unlimited Jazz Dance Company Collection

Record Group 06: Personal Papers

MSS # Collection Titles
06-01 Richard H. Darne Papers
06-02 Samuel E. Neel Papers
06-03 W.T. Woodson Papers
06-04 William Lindsay Carne Collection
06-05 Robert Edward Wagstaff Papers
06-06 John K. Gott Collection
06-07 Linda Carlston Scrapbooks
06-08 Dorothy L. Davis Scrapbooks
06-09 Dr. James T. Jones Collection
06-10 Lucia Kirk Williams Scrapbooks
06-11 Donie Rieger Papers
06-12 Mayo Stuntz Collection
06-13 Henry H. Douglas Collection
06-14 James Adams Account Books
06-15 Margaret Peck Collection on Sully Plantation
06-16 Benjamin L. Otterback Farm Journals
06-17 Virginia B. Peters Papers on the Fairfax County History Commission
06-18 Joy S. Starr Collection on Vale History
06-19 Augustus C. Johnson Collection
06-20 Ruth “Snip” Peter Papers
06-21 Robert Wiley Collection
06-22 Lucie Moore Wiltshire Scrapbooks
06-23 Cordelia Sansone Papers
06-24 Francis Lightfoot Lee Papers
06-25 John S. Mosby Letters
06-26 Henry Wirt Thomas Collection
06-27 Thomas Clowes Account Book
06-28 Wilson Mahone Farr Collection
06-30 Kate Carper Papers
06-31 Oliver C. Benton Letters
06-32 Ludolph Longhenry Diary
06-33 Milton H. Bancroft Paintings
06-34 George F. Harrison Papers
06-35 Alvaine T. Hamilton Collection
06-36 Harley M. Williams Papers
06-37 Helen Myers Morgan Collection
06-38 Ross and Nan Netherton Collection
06-39 Manning Gasch Papers
06-40 Bayard D. Evans Collection
06-41 Elizabeth Miles Cooke Collection
06-42 D’Anne Aultmann Evans Papers
06-43 Henry Loveless Papers
06-44 E. F. Swink Papers
06-45 Clifford Currie Collection on Colvin Run Mill
06-46 Franklin Sherman Letters
06-47 Carole Drake Friedman Collection
06-48 Edith Moore Sprouse Papers
06-49 Judge David C. Humphreys Papers
06-50 S. Cooper Dawson, Jr. Collection on Penn-Daw Motor Hotel
06-51 John F. “Jack” Herrity Collection
06-52 Jacqueline Upham Oliver Collection
06-53 Edgar R. Hon Collection on Tysons Corner Silver Line Metro Development
06-54 Harry Lattimore Collection
06-55 Martha Pennino Scrapbook on 350th Anniversary of County Government in Virginia
06-56 Laurence Mitchell Collection
06-57 Anne Wilkins Collection
06-58 Randolph M. Loughborough Papers
06-59 Henry C. Mackall Papers
06-60 David Whitman Papers on Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Research
06-61 Scrapbook on Virginia, George Washington, and the Civil War
06-62 James M. Scott Papers
06-63 Charles "Mark" Merrell Papers
06-64 Michael H. Long Papers
06-65 Steve Dryden Papers on Pimmit Run Research
06-66 Naomi Sokol Zeavin Papers on Mason District History
06-67 Dorothy McDiarmid Papers on Virginia Reapportionment
06-68 Everard Munsey Papers
06-69 Hugh L. Robertson Collection
06-70 Mary Margaret Pence Collection
06-71 Dr. Frank W. Huddleson Check Book
06-72 John Mackall Real Estate Records
06-73 Ralph Raney Papers on Silas Burke Study
06-74 Rosanne S. Berkenstock Papers on Burke Centre Study
06-75 Col. Samuel Simpson Diaries
06-76 Mary S. Howe letter to Sarah Chichester
06-77 Jean Packard Papers on Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations
06-78 Brian A. Conley Collection
06-79 1807 Fee Book Scrapbook
06-80 Samuel B. Detwiler Jr. Collection on Fairfax Line Study
06-81 Mary L. McCandlish Papers
06-82 Howard Marler Papers on Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
06-83 Frederick J. McCoy Papers
06-84 Hilda Booton Papers on Fairfax County Extension Homemakers
06-85 Ernest L. Plaskett Certificate of Appointment as Lorton Valley, Virginia Postmaster
06-86 Sally Ormsby Papers and Citizens Committee on Land Use and Transportation Records
06-87 George Davis Jr. Papers
06-88 Commemorative Postage Stamp Collection
06-89 Dulles Airport Scrapbooks
06-90 John H. and Eppa Hunton Hurst Blacksmith Shop Journals
06-91 Beth Mitchell Collection
06-92 Bill Elvin Collection
06-93 Melinda E. Pittman Falls Church High School Theatre Collection
06-94 Tom Buckley Collection on Virginia Political Campaign Memorabilia
06-95 Patricia F. Parthree Collection on Mount Vernon High School
06-96 Lisle A. and Neitah Smith Collection on Spring Glade Farm
06-97 Olga A. Hernandez Papers
06-98 Thomas McClung McCutchan Record Books
06-101 Glenn Moore Collection of Fairfax County Ham Radio QSL Calling Cards
06-102 Sampson Turley Account Page
06-103 Col. James M. Love Jr. Law Books
06-105 Virginia and the Virginia County Magazine Print Blocks from the March 1952 Fairfax County Issue
06-106 Sharon Bulova News Articles Collection
06-107 Robert and Marjorie Lundegard Papers
06-108 G. Truman Ward Collection
06-110 Thomas R. McCullough Collection
06-111 John W. Ritter, Jr. Scrapbook on Fairfax High School
06-113 Herbert O. Blunt Collection
06-115 Belle Willard Roosevelt Letters

Record Group 07: Family Collections

MSS # Collection Titles
07-01 Coffer Family Collection
07-02 Tucker Family Papers
07-03 Owners of Aspen Grove Collection
07-04 Turberville Family Collection
07-05 Wrenn/Harrison/Fitzhugh/Cross Family Papers
07-06 Donohoe Family Papers
07-07 Scott Family Collection
07-08 Moran Family Papers
07-09 Pickett Family Papers
07-10 Stewart Family Collection
07-11 Daingerfield Family Papers
07-12 Millan Family Collection
07-13 Carter Family Collection
07-14 Crowell Family Papers
07-15 John Sherwood Collection
07-16 Detwiler Family Papers
07-17 Griffith Family Collection
07-18 Nimmo Family Papers
07-19 Nestel Family Scrapbook
07-20 Stacy C. and Geraldine Sherwood Collection
07-21 Hine Family Collection
07-22 Gibbs Family Photograph Collection
07-23 Smoot Family Collection - McLean Community Library
07-24 Margaret M. MacGill Photograph Collection on the O’Meara Family
07-25 Slade/Fitzhugh Family Papers
07-26 Mary Goins Roots Collection
07-27 Haight-Barlow Family Collection
07-28 Howdershell/Hummer Family Collection
07-29 Johnston Family Workbooks Collection

Record Group 08: Book Manuscripts

MSS # Collection Titles
08-01 Maplewood Manuscript Papers
08-02 William Paige Johnson II Manuscript Papers on Off To War: The Virginia Volunteers in the War with Mexico
08-03 Benjamin F. Cooling III Manuscript Papers on Historical Highlights of Bull Run Park (1971)
08-04 Peter H. Smith Manuscript Papers on Mayfield and Ivy Chimney: Country Homes of Country Doctors
08-05 Eugenia B. Smith Manuscript Papers on Centreville, Virginia Its History and Architecture
08-06 Robert S. Gamble Manuscript Collection on Sully: The Biography of a House (1973)
08-07 Charles P. Poland Manuscript Papers on Dunbarton, Dranesville, Virginia (1974)
08-08 Deborah Cannan Manuscript Drafts on Land Above The Falls
08-09 Kenton Kilmer Manuscript Papers on The Fairfax Family in Fairfax County (1975)
08-10 Barbara T Spann Manuscript Papers on Carlby (1976)
08-11 Donald M. Sweig Manuscript Papers on Registrations of Free Negroes
08-12 Fairfax County Stories 1607-2007 Manuscript Papers
08-13 Beth Mitchell Manuscript Papers on Beginning at a White Oak (1977)
08-14 Fairfax County, Virginia: A History (1978) Manuscript Collection
08-15 Hope Park and Hope Park Mill (1978) Manuscript Papers
08-16 Elizabeth Brown Pryor Manuscript Papers on Frying Pan Farm (1979)
08-17 Ellen L. Anderson Manuscript Papers on Salona (1979)
08-18 Thomas V. DiBacco Manuscript Papers on Moorefield, Home of Early Baptist Preacher Jeremiah Moore (1970)
08-19 Shaping a nation: stories of the Lees Manuscript Bookplate
08-20 A Fairfax Friendship: The Complete Correspondence Between George Washington and Bryan Fairfax, 1754-1799 Manuscript Papers
08-21 Stone Ground: A History of Union Mills Manuscript Papers
08-22 John Terry Chase Manuscript Papers on Gum Springs: The Triumph of a Black Community (1990)
08-23 Robert M. Moxham Manuscript Papers on A History of Annandale, Virginia (1992)
08-24 Huntley Historic District Report (1976) Papers
08-25 Kevin C. Ruffner Manuscript Draft on Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
08-26 Lee and Ruth Saegesser Manuscript Collection on History of Dunn Loring, Virginia
08-27 Fairfax, Virginia: A City Traveling Through Time (1997) Book Manuscript Collection
08-28 Noel Garraux Harrison Manuscript Draft on City of Canvas: Camp Russell A. Alger and the Spanish-American War (1988)
08-29 Jean Tibbetts Manuscript Papers on This Land at Cornwell Farm

Record Group 09: Fairfax County Government

MSS # Collection Titles
09-01 Fairfax County History Commission Records
09-02 Fairfax County Office of Comprehensive Planning Collection
09-03 Fairfax County Extension Service Records
09-04 Virginia Independence Bicentennial Celebration
09-05 Fairfax County 250th Anniversary Celebration Collection
09-06 Gerald R. Ford letter to Robert W. Wilson on the Fairfax County Community Development Plan
09-07 Fairfax County Calendars Collection
09-08 Fairfax Corporation Collection
09-11 Fairfax County Park Authority Collection
09-12 Fairfax County History Museum Steering Committee Papers
09-13 Occoquan Watershed Downzoning Records
09-14 Fairfax Hospital and Health Center Commission Minutes
09-15 Fairfax County Office of Elections Voting District and Street Maps
09-16 John W. Ferguson 1948 Assessment of Fairfax County Land Tracts Not In Incorporated Towns
09-17 Fairfax County Civil War Centennial Commission Papers
09-18 Fairfax County Sanitation Inspection Ordinance Papers
09-20 Fairfax County Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution Records
09-21 Fairfax County 275th Celebration Collection
09-22 Fairfax County Office of County Treasurer 1893-1894 Tax Account Book
09-23 Fairfax County Emergency Services Patch Collection

Record Group 10: Fairfax County Public Library

MSS # Collection Titles
10-01 Fairfax County Public Library Records
10-02 Fairfax County Public Library Board of Trustees Records
10-03 Fairfax County Public Library Employees Association Records
10-04 City of Fairfax Regional Library Collection

Record Group 11: Schools

MSS # Collection Titles
11-01 Fairfax County School Board Records
11-02 Fairfax High School Collection
11-03 Fairfax County Public Schools Centennial History Project Collection
11-04 Thomas Jefferson: The Story of a High School Oral History Project
11-05 Legato School Manuscript Papers
11-06 Fairfax County Public Schools Collection
11-07 Dranesville District School Board Records
11-08 Providence District School Board Records
11-10 Lee District School Board Minutes
11-11 Herndon District School Board Records
11-12 Oakton High School Collection
11-13 Mount Vernon High School Collection
11-14 Forestville School Student Register Records
11-15 Northern Virginia Community College Collection
11-16 Bishop Ireton High School Collection
11-17 Fort Hunt High School Collection
11-17 Robert E. Lee High School Collection

Record Group 12: Newspapers

MSS # Collection Titles
12-01 Newspaper Collection
12-02 Fairfax Herald Newspaper Collection
12-03 Alexandria Gazette Newspaper Collection
12-04 Springfield Independent Collection
12-05 Globe Merchant Newspaper Collection
12-06 New York Newspapers Collection
12-07 Fairfax News Newspaper Collection
12-08 Herndon-News Observer Newspaper Collection

Record Group 13: Oral Histories

MSS # Collection Titles
13-01 "Braddock's True Gold" Collection
13-02 Oral History Tape Collection
13-03 Ross Netherton Oral History Tape Collection
13-04 Providence Perspective Oral History Collection
13-05 Andrew M.D. Wolf Oral History Tape Collection

Record Group 14: Films

MSS # Collection Titles
14-01 The Road to Happiness Collection
14-02 Sigvald T. Jenssen Film Collection
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