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Your Library Account and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA)

Virginia law requires Fairfax County to notify you of the intended use of personal information you provide to Fairfax County, including electronic mail addresses. Fairfax County intends to use your electronic mail address to send you the account-related information that you are voluntarily requesting by providing your email address.  We may also occasionally send information about interruptions to the Library’s online catalog or similar services.

In addition, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) gives citizens of the Commonwealth and representatives of certain news organizations the right to inspect and copy public records held by Fairfax County. Providing your email address will result in the creation of a public record that will be subject to such disclosure. You may, however, request that your email address, mailing address, or telephone numbers (“personal information”) not be disclosed in response to a VFOIA request.  Please advise us whether your personal contact information should or should not be made available to pursuant to a VFOIA request.

  • Yes, withhold my personal information from responses to VFOIA requests.
  • No, do not withhold my personal information from responses to VFOIA requests.

VFOIA allows the library to withhold a customer's borrowing records from responses to VFOIA requests.

Please login to your account to update your VFOIA status.

Confidentiality of Customer Records

Virginia Code Section 2.2-3705.7 (3)
"Library records that can be used to identify both (i) any library patron who has borrowed material from a library and (ii) the material such patron borrowed." are confidential.

For more information about VFOIA and your library account, visit and search for section 2.2-3705.1 (10) and section 2.2-3705.7 (3).

Library Account Records of Children

The library's Board of Trustees has approved a policy that current library records of children 12 and under should be available to their parents or guardians. Parents of children age 12 and under may ask for and obtain the titles of materials that their children currently have checked out.

Records of cardholders, age 13-18, are confidential, as are adult records.

Privacy Policy of Third Party Vendors and Amazon

If you use third party vendors, such as Overdrive, to access library materials, your records may be subject to the policies of that vendor. The majority of the Fairfax County Public Library's eBooks and eAudiobooks are accessed through Overdrive. Kindle users are subject to the privacy policies of when they access their accounts. Please visit individual vendor sites for more information.



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