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Reconsideration Process Overview

The Fairfax County Public Library (FCPL) Board of Trustees Policy S Regarding Recommendations about Current and Potential Library Materials  notes FCPL will maintain procedures for ensuring concerns are handled in an attentive and consistent manner. This is known as the reconsideration process.

The reconsideration process begins with a discussion between the cardholder and a branch manager, allowing the reader to explain objections to the material and the branch manager to explain the library’s collection development practices and answer any questions. A cardholder choosing to continue with a formal request to reconsider the material submits a written request to the branch manager.  The request should include the specific objection and preferred resolution.

The written request is forwarded to the library's Collection Services Coordinator who forms a reconsideration committee of three professional staff with expertise in the area -- for example, youth services staff would review a picture book. Working independently, each committee member provides their review and action recommendation to the Coordinator, who decides what action the library will take. The customer is informed in writing of the decision. This process is expected to complete within six weeks.

The decision may be appealed to the Library Director. A final appeal may be made to the Library Board of Trustees.

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