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3D Printing

Last Updated: May 8, 2024 4:19 PM

Resizing Files and Grouping Small Objects

3D printing at FCPL continues to grow in popularity! Because we use mostly smaller 3D printers, sometimes you'll find a shape bigger than our build plate sizes. If you're unsure how big a shape will be when opened, is a free site to check the scale.

Because each cardholder can submit one file to print each week, you might have a few small objects you'd like to print together at once (like chess pieces). With a little practice, you can resize shapes and combine them into one file using free software like 3D Builder from Microsoft (for Windows PCs). As of this writing, there's no free 3D editing software for Macs as easy to use as 3D Builder, but still works on Macs or Linux operating systems.

Please note that not all shapes you might find or create can be printed on our style printers. Also your file still needs to be smaller (in millimeters) than the build plate of the printer at your branch! If library staff can't print your group of small objects (or any other file), we'll let you know so you can try again. Learning how to choose and set up shapes for 3D printing is part of the fun!

Click here straightforward, step-by-step instructions using 3D Builder to scale a shape up or down.

Click here for instructions on grouping small objects together into one .STL or .OBJ file.

Downloading 3D Builder from Microsoft

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