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Genealogical databases, websites, and bibliographies to aid users in the pursuit of their family history and origins. Last Updated: Jun 20, 2024 10:31 AM

Irish Genealogy Materials

Irish genealogy and related materials in the Reference Collection of the Virginia Room of the Fairfax County Public Library system.

Introduction and General Guides

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors Grenham, J., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2006 VREF 929.3415 GREN
This highly comprehensive guide includes chapters covering general register office records, census records, property and valuation records, church records, wills, emigration, deed registry, newspapers directories, internet sources, occupational records, county source-lists, parish registers, and research services, societies, and repositories.

Irish Genealogy—A Reference Aid Mitchell, B., Closson Press, 1999 VREF 929.3415 MITC
This booklet is a very elementary beginner’s guide that covers the basics of Irish genealogy.

Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy Mitchell, B., Clearfield, 2002 VREF 929.3415 MITC
Blending case studies, maps, charts, and his knowledge, the author conveys the basics of Irish genealogy research. After introductory chapters about research in America, the author describes significant record sources in Ireland, including civil and parish registers, gravestone inscriptions, wills, Griffith's Valuation, books, censuses, newspapers, money rolls, registry of deeds, estate records, and ordnance surveys.

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors Magee, P., Magee Publications, 1986 VREF 929.3415 MAGE
This brief introduction to genealogy research includes information for doing research in America and overseas. Given the internet and other resources that have become available since publication in 1986, researchers would best use more up-to-date guides.

Discovering Your Irish Ancestors Radford, D. A. & Betit, K. J., Betterway Books, 2001 VREF 929.3415 RADF
This volume includes guidelines for determining an ancestor’s place of origin; advice for researching records in the US and overseas, strategies of Irish research; Scots-Irish ancestors; cemetery, land, church, estate, census and military records; birth, marriage, and death records; emigration lists; Internet resources and favorite sites.

Tracing Your Limerick Ancestors Franklin, M., Flyleaf Press, 2003 VREF 929.3415 FRAN
This book documents the principal sources for the study of Limerick's ancestors. Chapters include information about land divisions and records, censuses, church records, civil registration, wills, and marriage licenses, grave records and inscriptions, newspapers, directories, etc.

Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research—2 volumes Falley, M. D., 1962 VREF 929.3415 FALL
These volumes are based on research performed by the author in record repositories throughout Ireland in 1951, 1952, and 1955. Volume 1 contains considerable information about the repositories and the wide variety of records that they contain. Volume 2 contains a selective bibliography, unpublished family records, microfilm collection, etc.

Finding your Irish Ancestors Mitchell, B., Clearfield, 2001 VREF 929.3415 MITC
After an overview, this booklet has chapters on the importance of surnames and place names in family history, emigration and passenger lists, using records in the US and Canada, using church registers, genealogy centers in Ireland, and local history and the family historian.

Finding your Irish Ancestors—A Beginner’s Guide Ouimette, D. S., Ancestry, 2005 VREF 929.3415 OUIM
Chapters in the book cover: basic principles of family research; surnames and given names, place names; the Irish overseas, birth, marriage, church, census, land and property records; gravestones, newspapers, wills, and other misc. records; and, a section on where to research.

Handbook on Irish Genealogy Heraldic Artists Ltd., 1980 VREF 929.3415 HAND
The principal section of this volume details the records and record depositories in Dublin and elsewhere of interest to genealogists.

In Search of Your British & Irish Roots Baxter, A., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982 VREF 929.342 BAXT
Twenty-three pages of this volume are devoted to Irish research.

Irish Immigration to the Americas

Emigrants and Exiles Miller, K. A., Oxford University Press, 1985 VREF 325.2415 M
Subtitled Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America, this highly detailed, scholarly volume covers the history and social conditions of Ireland and emigration before the Great Famine and afterward through 1921.

Ships from Ireland to Early America 1623–1850 - 2 volumes Dobson, D., Clearfield, 1999 VREF 929.3415 DOBS
This book lists vessels from Ireland known to have been carrying passengers. Sources include contemporary newspapers, government records, and a few published works.

Passengers from Ireland Schlegel, D. M., Clearfield, 1980 VREF 929.3415 SCHL
This volume consists of transcribed lists of passengers arriving at American ports between 1811 and 1817.

Emigrants from Derry Port Derry Youth & Community Workshop, Closson Press, 1985 VREF 929.3416 PORT
This book consists of lists of passengers who emigrated to the USA and Canada from 1847 to 1849, as extracted from the J. and J. Cooke shipping line.

Irish Settlers in America O’Brien, M. J., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1979—2 volumes VREF 929.3415 OBRI
These 2 volumes are made up of articles that appeared in The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society. In many articles, the writer sought to demonstrate that much of the early emigration to America and prominent personages in the colonies were Irish (Old Irish), as distinct from Scotch-Irish.

A History of the Irish Settlers in North America McGee, T. D., Clearfield Company, 1989 VREF 929.3415 MCGE
Originally published in 1852, this volume covers the time from the earliest period to the census of 1850.

Irish Emigrants in North America—7 volumes Dobson, D., Clearfield, 2008 VREF 929.3415 DOBS
These volumes name and give brief information about early Irish immigrants to America.

Irish Emigration Lists 1833–1839 Mitchell, B., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1989 VREF 929.3415 IRIS
In connection with an effort to obtain a nationwide valuation of land and buildings in the 19th century, important information was gathered on emigrants from County Antrim and Londonderry who departed Ireland in the mid to late 1830s. These lists are important in that they show both the point of origin in Ireland and the destination.

Passenger Lists from Ireland Hackett, J. D. and Early, C. M., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977 VREF 929.3415 HACK
This booklet, excerpted from Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, consists of lists of passengers arriving from Ireland in 1811 and 1815–16.

Emigrants from Ireland to America, 1735–1743 McDonnell, F., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1992 VREF 3415 MCDO
This volume is a transcript of a report of the Irish House of Commons concerning enforced emigration to America. Included are the names of many convicts, felons, and vagabonds who were ordered for transportation.

Irish Immigrants in 19th Century Ohio: A Database Wolf, D. M., Closson Press, 1935 VREF 929.3415 WOLF
This book attempts to incorporate in state-wide database information about Irish ancestors who migrated to Ohio. A special effort was made to find information on immigrants in Ohio before 1850.

Irish Emigration to New England Through the Port of Saint John New Brunswick, Canada 1841 to 1849 Johnson, D. F., Clearfield, 1996 VREF 929.3415 JOHN
As described in the Introduction, the majority of Irish emigrants who arrived at Saint John in this period left immediately for Boston and other New England ports. Much of the book relates to the emigrant poor and the alms and workhouses and hospitals at Saint John where individuals named in the records were sent.

Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City Buggy, J., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2014 VREF 929.3415 BUGG
This book provides detailed information about records, resources, and strategies available whereby researchers might ascertain their ancestors’ place of origin in Ireland.

The Irish in America O’Brien, M. J., Genealogical Publishing Company, 1965 VREF 929.3415 O’BRI
Subtitled Immigration, Land, Probate, Administrations, Birth, Marriage and Burial Records of the Irish in America in and About the Eighteenth Century, the records include lists of early Irish immigrants to Virginia.

Erin’s Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761–1853 Punch, T. M., Genealogical Publishing Co., 2008 VREF 929.3415 PUNC
The author transcribed the records of Irish arrivals from ship passenger lists, census records, newspaper articles, regimental records, church records, prison records, burials, tombstone inscriptions, and other records in which Irish immigrants to Atlantic Canada are named.

Irish Passenger Lists 1803–1806 Mitchell, B., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1995 VREF 929.373 IRIS
For the brief period March 1803 to March 1806, official registers were maintained of passengers departing from Irish ports. The passengers are named here, along with ages, occupations, and places of residence.

The Famine Immigrants 1846–1851—in 7 volumes Glazier, I. A., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983 VREF 929.373 FAMI
These volumes name Irish immigrants who arrived in New York during the years of the Irish Famine, with their ages, occupations, and dates of arrival. Entries are arranged by vessel and in order of dates of arrival. Alphabetic indexes are provided in each volume to facilitate look-ups.

George Washington’s Associations with the Irish O’Brien, M. J., P. J. Kenedy & Sons, 1937 VRARE 929.3415 OBRI
To counter the idea that the Catholic Irish did not come to America in significant numbers until the 19th Century famine, the author endeavors to show that there was a substantial settlement in the country’s early years, with much of the proof based on George Washington's known associations with the Irish.

Irish Names

O'Laughlins’ Complete Book of Irish Family Names O'Laughlin, M. C., 1986 VREF 929.4 O
Over 20,000 documented Irish surnames were obtained from a variety of sources including the census of 1659 and the birth index of 1890, with variant nineteenth-century spellings.

Irish Family Names Kelly, P., O'Connor and Kelly, 1939 VREF 929.4 K
Irish surnames are grouped with their coats of arms with the names written in type and script. Also given are the various anglicized forms of the Gaelic name, the origin, clan affiliation, meaning, history, motto, and translation of the Gaelic root word.

Irish Names and Surnames Woulfe, P., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1923 VREF 929.4 W
This book explains the Irish name system and presents given names and surnames translated from English to Irish and conversely.

A Guide to Irish Surnames MacLysaght, E., Genealogical Book Company, 1964 VREF 929.4 M
This volume, intended as an update of the foregoing volume by Woulfe, utilized sources that became available since then and the expertise of the author who served as chief Genealogical Officer at the National Library of Ireland.

Surnames in Ireland Matheson, R. E., His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1909 VREF 929.4 M
This volume consists principally of tables showing surnames that appeared as five or more entries in the 1890 Births Index, together with the number in each Registration Province and the counties where the names are principally found.

The Surnames of Ireland MacLysaght, E., Barnes & Noble Inc., 1969 VREF 929.4 M
This volume provides information on more than 4,000 Gaelic, Norman, and Anglo-Irish surnames together with: historical background and location of the families, approximate date and place of settlement of the Anglo-Irish families, and the Irish language form of names with their linguistic derivation.

Irish Family Names Breffny, B., W. W. Norton & Company, 1982 VREF 929.4 D
Arranged alphabetically, this book covers some 1,000 families, both those of Irish descent and those whose family roots are elsewhere. Intended as a keepsake as well as a source of information, the book is well illustrated with coats of arms in color.

Irish Families

Sources for Irish Family History Ryan, J. G., Flyleaf Press, 2001 VREF 929.3415 RYAN
This volume lists books, monographs, and periodical papers dealing with specific Irish families. References cited are mainly about particular family lines, putting a human dimension to otherwise barren facts.

Your Irish Ancestors Black, J. A., Paddington Press Ltd., 1974 VREF 929.3415 BLAC
The opening section is an illustrated history of Ireland to 1921. The central section covers in detail the origin and history of more than 300 Irish family names and their derivatives. The final section provides guidance to those who wish to search out their own family roots.

Irish Families --- Their Names, Arms and Origins MacLysaght, E., Irish Academic Press, 1991 VREF 929.2415 MACL
The main portion of the book gives the origins and histories of the most prominent various families, with separate coverage of Anglo-Irish families.

Clans and Families of Ireland Grenham, J., The Wellfleet Press, 1994 VREF 929.2415 GREN
This volume provides an account of the origins of the Irish people from prehistoric times, with emphasis on place names and surnames. Focusing on then commonest Irish names, it sheds light on their origins, highlights their geographical distribution, and gives details of prominent family members.

Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland Cairney, C. T., McFarland & Company, Inc., 1989 VREF 929.341 C
This book covers the ancient history of the Irish including the beginnings of Gaelic society, tribes, and their nomenclature, and the Viking and Norman impact. The appendixes include coats of arms and a surname listing.

Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry O’Hart, J., Clearfield, 2000 VREF 929.3415 OHAR
This reprint of a work originally published in 1884, sets out to provide the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation and to give the genealogies of the families that branched from that stem; together with the genealogies of Anglo-Irish and Anglo-Norman families that settled in Ireland since the English invasion.

The Fennells of Manister, Co. Limerick, Eire Fennell, P. D., Gateway Press, Inc., 2000 VREF 929.2415 FENN
A family history including information about County Limerick and the parish of Manister.

A Genealogical History of the Milesian Families of Ireland Heraldic Artists Limited, Dublin, 1968 VREF 929.2415 GENE
This volume includes a brief history of Ireland, name formations, Irish counties, pedigree and monument tables, Anglo-Irish names, 19th-century internal divisions, Norman and Anglo-Irish families, etc.

Irish Family Histories Grehan, I., Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 1993 VREF 929.2415 GREH
Over 200 names are organized into 80 groups using modern spelling, consolidating, and expanding upon the work of E. MacLysaght (see above). All known spellings are presented for each group, followed by in-depth material on name origins, geographical distribution, and emigration. Notable figures having each surname are described. Also included is information on how to trace ancestors in Ireland, history and chronology of Ireland, an explanation of heraldry, and a bibliography and surname variations index.

Irish Pedigrees; or, the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation—2 volumes O’Hart, J., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1976 VREF 929.3415 OHAR
This reprint of a work first published in 1892 contains a vast amount of Irish genealogical information through the 18th Century along with a highly fanciful tracing of the Irish nation to the biblical origin of the world.

VREF 929.4 O The Book of Irish Families Great & Small
VREF 929.34196 Olau—Families of County Kerry -vol 2
VREF 929.34193 Clare 3
VREF 929.34195 Cork 4
VREF 929.34194 Limerick 5
VREF 929.34174 Galway 6
VREF 929.34183 Dublin 7
VREF 929.34169 Donegal 8
O’Laughlin, M. C., Irish Genealogical Foundation, 2001
These volumes include introductory histories of the counties and provide histories of the families and where in the counties they were found. The first volume above serves as a master index.

Irish Landed Gentry when Cromwell came to Ireland O’Hart, J., M. H. Gill & Son, 1884 VRARE 929.3415 OHAR
This volume provides the genealogies of 257 families including Irish, Anglo-Irish, and Anglo-Norman families.

A History of the O’Cinneide (O’Kennedy) Clan of the Dal gCais Kennedy, T. E., The Book Patch, 2013 VREF 929.2415 KENN
The author traces his Kennedy family to Cyrenaica in about 1000 BC, and thence to northern Spain and finally southern Ireland.

Irish Records

Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536–1810 Vicars, Sir A., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1989 VREF 929.3415 INDE
This reprint of a book originally published in 1897 lists by name individuals whose testamentary devises were proved in the Prerogative Court. In addition to the matters specifically referred to in the documents, armorial bearings on the seals attached to the wills can provide clues to family descent.

Irish Genealogical Office Manuscripts Toohey, A., Library of Congress, 1994 VREF 929.3415 TOOH
This is a guide to records that were microfilmed in Dublin and are available for review at the Library of Congress. The manuscripts are from different historical periods and are in various formats.

Parochial Records of Ireland VREF 929.3415 APPE
This photostatic copy of the 1896 table of parochial records of Ireland, distinguishes the parishes whose baptismal, marriage, and burial records were then on deposit at the Public Record Office in Dublin or else were in local custody.

Index to Leighlin Administrations Intestate Irish Ancestor, 1972 VREF 929.3415 IRIS
When someone died without a will before an administrator could act a specified bond was obtained to help ensure they would act justly. This is an index to the bonds from Leighlin in the Ecclesiastical Province of Dublin. It lists the name and address of the deceased and the year administration was granted.

Irish records—Sources for Family and Local History Ryan, J. G., Ancestry, 1997 VREF 929.3415 RYAN
Arranged by Irish county, this book describes civil, ecclesiastical, and printed primary and secondary sources. Also provided are details about the heritage and genealogy centers that exist in most counties that have indexed record sources and can provide research services.

Indexes to Irish Wills Phillimore, W. P. W., editor, Phillimore and Co., 1909 VREF 929.3415 PHIL
Arranged by diocese, this volume provides indexes of decedents whose wills were probated from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

Irish Marriages—Being an Index to the Marriages in Walker’s Hibernian Magazine 1771 to 1812 Genealogical Publishing Co., 1972 VREF 929.3415 FARR
This reprint of a book first published in 1897 lists alphabetically the brides and grooms.

A Collection of 1851 Census Record Masterson, J., Clearfield Co. Inc., 1994
VREF 929.3415
This booklet consists of a transcription of census entries for four parishes of County Cork.

A Guide to Irish Parish Registers Mitchell, B., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988 VREF 929.3415 MITC
By listing the commencement dates of all parish registers, this volume helps users to identify churches in every civil parish in Ireland.

Irish Church Records Ryan, J. G., editor, Flyleaf Press, 2001 VREF 929.34 IRIS
This book covers the history, availability, and use of Irish church records in family and local history research. Separate chapters deal with Irish Quaker, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Catholic, Methodist, Irish-Jewish, Irish-Huguenot, and Irish Baptist records.

Land Owners in Ireland 1876 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1988 VREF 929.3415 LAND
Arranged by Irish county, the records in this volume give names and addresses, acreage, and land values of all properties one acre or more in size.

Researching Armagh Ancestors Maxwell, I., Ulster Historical Foundation, 2000 VREF 929.3415 MAXW
Covering the smallest county of Northern Ireland, this volume provides in-depth information about the extant records and where they can be found. An extensive appendix includes sample 17th C. records, administrative divisions, unofficial place names, and maps of civil and Roman Catholic parishes.

Churches and Graveyards

A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards Mitchell, B., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1990 VREF 929.3415 MITC
This book identifies the location of all churches and graveyards in every county of Ireland, based on Griffith's or Primary Valuation of Ireland. Each church, including its denomination, is identified against a townland or street address and an Ordnance Survey map number.

Maps & Gazetteers

Historical Map of Ireland Bullock, L. G., John Bartholomew & Son Ltd, 1969
VREF 929.3415 BULL
The map illustrates people and characters in Irish history and is decorated with the coats of arms of the main cities and towns. Also shown are the areas and names of the clans.

A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland Mitchell, B., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2002 929.3415 MITC
The maps in this volume show the location of Roman Catholic parishes in all 32 counties of Ireland and Presbyterian congregations in the 9 counties of Northern Ireland. Also, a complete geographical picture is provided of the 3 major religious denominations during the years of the 19th century.

Genealogical Atlas of Ireland Gardner, D. E., Harland, D., and Smith, F., Deseret Book Company, 1964 VREF 929.3415 GENE
This book consists of maps of the counties of Ireland reproduced from atlases printed in 1846 and 1885. These maps are the most detailed available and are most useful in locating places of birth or residence of ancestors. An index is provided to facilitate locating places on the map.

General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland—1851 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1984 VREF 929.3415 GENE
This reproduction of an index prepared to accompany the census of 1851 ties the localities in the census to numbered sheets of ordnance survey maps where they appear.

Parish Maps of Ireland Derry Youth and Community Workshop, 1988 VREF 929.3415 PARI
This volume consists of civil parish maps showing all townlands for counties Armagh, Derry, Donegal, and Tyrone.

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland—2 volumes Lewis, S., Genealogical Publishing Co., 1984 VREF 941.5 L
This reprint of a work originally published in 1837 describes in considerable detail the towns and places of importance of Ireland.

Irish Local Names Explained, MICR V 941.5 J
This microfiche version of a 1902 publication gives the meaning and sources of place names in Ireland, including the original forms of names that were since Anglicized.


The Story of the Irish Race MacManus, S., The Devin-Adair Company, 1978 VREF 941.5 M
This reprint of a work first published in the 1920s tells the story of the Irish people down to the creation of the Irish Free State, including their political struggle, literature, and contribution to civilization.

Ireland Beautiful Nutting, W., Bonanza Books, 1925 VREF 941.5 N
This illustrated book describes the picturesque countryside of Ireland shortly after the creation of the Free State.

A History of Ulster Bardon, J., The Blackstaff Press, 1992 VREF 941.6 B
The book provides a comprehensive account of the province, from the early settlements up to the 1990s.


The Irish Ancestor—2 volumes VREF 929.3415 IRIS
Bound copies of Volumes 4 through 9 for years 1972 to 1977 of the genealogical periodical.

The Septs—4 volumes VREF 929.3415 SEPT
Bound copies of the periodical of the Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l from January 1994 (vol 15 - #1) to July 2002 (vol 23 - #3)

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