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Subject-specific online resources, recommended websites and more.

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Climate and Geography of Virginia

Election Information

See also Government of Virginia and Politics in Virginia.

  • Local Area Jurisdictions
    Each of these sites provides information on local elections, the voter registration process and polling locations.

    • City of Fairfax
      An election calendar lists all federal, state and city elections for the next three years with dates, offices on the ballot and a sample ballot, when available.

    • City of Falls Church

    • Fairfax County

    • Virginia Department of Elections
      Information for voters and candidates. The site includes forms. Some of the more useful information is listed below.

      • Absentee Voting in Virginia
        Information on who can vote absentee; how to apply in person or by mail, fax or email; application deadlines; and instructions on how complete and deliver the application.

      • Candidate Lists & Referendums
        See a list of candidates running for office and read the text of any questions that will apppear on the ballot in upcoming elections once they are certified by the Board of Elections.

      • Election Calendars & Schedules
        Includes schedules for the current year's elections and special elections, and a five-year schedule of general elections in the Commonwealth.

      • Election Results
        Find the results of the latest election, or view historical results.

      • Register to Vote
        Information on who can register to vote, registration deadlines, and instructions on how to register either online or on paper using the Virginia Voter Registration Application Form, which can be submitted in person or by mail.

      • Where Do I Vote
        Use the Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal to find your polling location, election district and more.

  • National Mail Voter Registration Form
    Available in 15 languages, this form can be used to register U.S. citizens to vote, to update registration information due to a change of name, to make a change of address or to register with a political party. Important: You must follow the state-specific instructions listed for your state. Provided by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

  • Vote411 Voter Guide
    The League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. Their voters guides, which become available just prior to an election, include biographical information and candidate responses to questions on the issues. The league also produces Facts for Voters, an annual brochure of government officials, agencies and services with contact information.

Government of Virginia

See also Codes (see Virginia tab), Elections in Virginia and Politics in Virginia.

History of Virginia

See also Local History and the Virginia Room.

Good Starting Points

  • Encyclopedia Virginia
    "A valuable tool for exploring the people, history, government, economy and culture of Virginia" from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

  • Index to Virginia Cavalcade Magazine
    A subject and author index to Virginia Cavalcade, an illustrated magazine of Virginia history and culture published by the Library of Virginia from 1951 to 2002. Virginia Cavalcade's brief, yet authoritative, articles depict Virginia history from the age of exploration to the mid-twentieth century, and are useful for students. Reference and circulating copies of the magazine are available in the Virginia Room.

  • Library of Virginia
    The Library of Virginia's digital collection includes various resources including maps, newspapers and photographs. Their Document Bank of Virginia (DBVa) provides primary documents useful for students studying history.

African American History

  • African American Heritage in Virginia
    A tourism-friendly guide to African American heritage in Virginia since Jamestown, including information about historic landmarks, neighborhoods and museums by region.

  • African American History Sites
    The Library of Virginia’s guide to research material regarding African American history in Virginia includes links to primary source material.


  • Dictionary of Virginia Biography
    Search the DVB biographies with specialized lists or by name, time period, occupation, birthplace or other criteria. Links to the full-text biographical articles are provided where available. Produced by the Library of Virginia. A reference copy of the multivolume DLB is available in the Virginia Room.

  • Famous and Historical Virginians
    Links to biographies of notable educators and inventors and historical Virginians from the colonial period through the 20th century. Provided by the Virginia Tourism Corporation.

  • Presidents and First Ladies from Virginia

    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Dolley Madison
    • James Madison
      • The James Madison Papers
        The Library of Congress presents a searchable collection of 72,000 digital images of James Madison's political and personal papers.

      • James Madison's Montpelier
        Information on the Madisons and their home. Includes biographies and a special section for children.

    • James Monroe
    • John Tyler
      • Sherwood Forest Plantation
        John Tyler, the 10th president, and his home. The site includes a virtual tour and genealogical information.

    • George Washington
      • George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress
        The world's largest collection of Washington papers. Document types include letters, diaries, accounts, military and governmental records and reports, and notes accumulated by Washington from 1741 to 1799. The collection is fully searchable by keyword. Indexing is linked to document images.

      • Historic Mount Vernon
        Take a virtual tour of the home, the grounds and excavation sites; learn about George Washington, and find out more details about visiting Mount Vernon.

      • The Papers of George Washington
        The George Washington Papers project at the University of Virginia provides images, FAQs, maps and all manner of information on Washington and his era.

    • Woodrow Wilson

Civil War

Colonial Era

Historic Sites and Museums (Local Area)

  • Claude Moore Colonial Farm
    A local living history museum of life on a small Virginia farm in 1771.

  • Fairfax Station Railroad Museum
    The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum includes history of the surrounding neighborhood, historic St. Mary's church and Clara Barton.

  • Great Falls Park
    Great Falls Park includes waterfalls, the historic Patowmack Canal site and nature trails.

  • Gunston Hall Plantation
    The plantation home of patriot George Mason. The site includes a genealogy of the Mason family.

  • Lucy Burns Museum and Workhouse Arts Center
    The Lucy Burns Museum and Workhouse Arts Center are built on the site of the former Lorton Workhouse Prison. The Museum illuminates 91 years of prison history, including the story of the suffragists and other civil rights leaders who were imprisoned there.

  • Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site
    The site includes the former home of Maggie Walker, complete with most of the original furnishings. Walker was a community leader, entrepreneur, and the first African American woman in the United States to found a bank. The website includes a virtual tour of the home.

  • Manassas Museum
    The museum features exhibits that interpret Northern Virginia Piedmont history through artifacts, documents and images. The site includes a link to information about the Manassas Industrial School / Jennie Dean Memorial.

  • Pope-Leighey House
    A Frank Lloyd Wright house on the grounds of the Woodlawn Plantation.

  • Stratford Hall Plantation
    Visit the Lee family home. Includes a special section for students.

  • Virginia Department of Historic Resources
    The DHR administers the Virginia Landmarks Register of properties listed on the state and national registers of historic landmarks, and historical highway markers for the entire state of Virginia. Site also includes information on how to nominate new historic sites and markers.

  • Woodlawn
    The Federal era home of Eleanor "Nelly" Custis Lewis, granddaughter of Martha Washington.

Native American Tribes in Virginia

Politics in Virginia

See also Elections in Virginia and Government of Virginia.


  • Campaign Contributions

  • Political Parties
    According to the Virginia Department of Elections, "Virginia recognizes only two political parties: Democrats and Republicans. All other party organizations are required to register as Political Action Committees."

  • Vote Smart
    Vote Smart's mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials to all Americans.

Statistics and Demographics for Virginia

See also more Statistics websites.

  • Northern Virginia Demographics
    Access to the full text of Northern Virginia Databook, which is a leading source for current and historical local demographic information; census information; and links to other demographic sources. Provided by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.

  • Virginia Demographics
    Demographic information compiled by the Demographics Research Group of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, University of Virginia.

  • Virginia Labor Market Information
    Employment and economic statistics from the Virginia Employment Commission.

  • Virginia QuickFacts from the U.S. Census Bureau
    View census data for Virginia or any of its counties or cities.

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