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Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras use color to show the relative temperature of object. This allows you to see where you might have leaky outlets, drafty doors, missing insulation, and more. FLIR One thermal imaging camera

Circulation Policy

  • Cameras may be borrowed for 2 weeks. They are not renewable.
  • Kits may be placed on hold for pickup at any branch.
  • There are fines for late returns on this item.

 Place a Thermal Camera on Hold

About this item:

  • Replacement cost: $250.00 total
    • Camera $250.00
    • Case $25.00
    • USB cable $5.00
  • Model: FLIR One Gen 3 (for iOS or for Android); case Kitcase 642

Before you begin:

  • Make sure the camera is charged. 
  • You will need to download and install the FLIR One app from the appropriate App store.
  • TIP: This thermal camera highlights temperature differences, so it is best used when the ambient temperature differs from what you are trying to measure. For home envelopes, this works best in summer and winter and depends on the day during spring and autumn.

How to use:

  • Attach the camera to the bottom of your phone with the lens facing the direction you want to use for your needs - regular or selfie.
    • The library has cameras for both iOS and Android. Please ensure you have the version matching your phone or tablet.
    • Some older cameras may have an additional "Mini to C" style adapter.
  • The camera to phone plug can be raised or lowered to seat better with your phone's case by using the screw-knob on the camera. 
  • Launch the FLIR One app
  • Power on the camera.
  • Point toward what you want to measure.
  • You can use the camera just to view or you can take photos and save to your devices photo library.

Tell me more:

  • Video mode also records audio and so will allow you to take voice notes while measuring.
  • The battery life of the camera will display on the screen separate from your phone or tablet's camera.
  • Thermal imaging cameras range from $250 to $25,000 with more expensive cameras having more accuracy, range, and features. 
  • Some large home improvement stores may have thermal cameras that can be purchased or rented for an afternoon or longer.

Product guides and information:

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