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Board of Trustees Policy Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide to the members of the Fairfax County Library (FCPL) Board of Trustees, the Library Administration and staff, all of the basic statutes, regulations and policies pertinent to the overall direction of FCPL

Board Responsibility

The Library Board establishes library policies by a majority vote of the members. The Library Board selects and appoints a Director of the Public Library System and provides general direction to the Director.

  1. Library Board members shall represent the citizens of the entire County and City, shall keep them informed of Library matters, and shall bring their needs to the attention of the Library Board.
  2. The Library Board shall conduct its official communications via the Chair. Library Board members conducting informal discussions of Library matters with County or City staff shall keep the Library Board and the Director informed.
  3. The Library Board shall be responsible for recognizing individuals and organizations for service and support of the Library system, acting on the recommendation of any member of the Library Board or the Director.
  4. The Library Board shall encourage its members, the Director, and professional staff members to be available to speak to the public on Library matters.

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