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Board of Trustees Policy Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide to the members of the Fairfax County Library (FCPL) Board of Trustees, the Library Administration and staff, all of the basic statutes, regulations and policies pertinent to the overall direction of FCPL

Policy Regarding Appropriate Use of Library Parking Lots, Grounds and Exterior Plaza/Porches and Gathering Places

1.    Permissible and Impermissible uses of Grounds, Parking Lots, Exterior Plazas,
Porches and Gathering Places

a.    Library grounds, parking lots, exterior plazas, porches and gathering places are provided only for library activities associated with the use of the Library. Any other use of such property is prohibited.
b.    Commuter and overnight parking is prohibited in library parking lots.
c.    Overnight sleeping on any library property, including sleeping in a vehicle, is prohibited.
d.    The Library Director may permit exceptions to the prohibitions listed above. The Library Director may enter into agreements with other public or private entities regarding use of Library property.
e.    All such exceptions or agreements regarding use of Library property that are applicable for six months or more require approval by the Library Board of Trustees.

2.    Use of Exterior Plazas/Porches and Gathering Places

a.    Prohibited uses of library property may be addressed by use of appropriate signage; police ticketing and towing; the installation of gates or other barriers; and other means.
b.    If library staff observes any person acting in violation of this policy, including notice by posted signs, staff shall notify the person in charge, who may contact Library Administration.
c.    If Library Administration is not available, the person in charge may contact local law enforcement and follow up with Administration.



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