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Board of Trustees Policy Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide to the members of the Fairfax County Library (FCPL) Board of Trustees, the Library Administration and staff, all of the basic statutes, regulations and policies pertinent to the overall direction of FCPL

Policy Regarding Recommendations about Current and Potential Library Materials

The choice of library materials by users is an individual matter. While a person may reject materials for himself or herself, he/she cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to the materials by others. Alternatively, a person may wish to recommend for purchase materials enjoyed by himself or herself that have not been acquired by the library.

It is the Library's goal to have up-to-date and accurate information in the collection. When a customer brings a title to the attention of staff because it is outdated, inaccurate, or not in the collection, it is considered helpful information rather than a collection complaint. The title should be forwarded to Collection Services staff for evaluation and review. Suggestions from library staff members and from library customers are encouraged and seriously considered in the selection process.

Recognizing that a diversity of materials may result in some requests for reconsideration for either deselection or selection, FCPL will maintain a collection development handout and procedures for ensuring objections, complaints, or recommendations are handled in an attentive and consistent manner. 


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