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Summer Reading for Youth and Adults

Participate in Fairfax County Public Library's summer reading activities!

My Perfect Read!

Fairfax County Public Library's My Perfect Read provides personalized book recommendations.

  1. Browse through our staff profiles.
  2. See what types of books they have a special affinity for.
  3. Connect with someone who matches your interests (to make a connection, use the "At Your Service" tab on your chosen advisor's profile).

You will receive personal recommendations on other titles you might enjoy - it's like having your own personal librarian!


The subscription database called Novelist is a great source for book suggestions. Are you looking for an author like your favorite? Have you read the last book in a series and looking for a similar series to read? The database provides read-alikes for authors, titles and series. You can also browse by theme, genre and award winners.

Their link to Read-alikes provides information on how to start your search. You could also click on "Quick Links" and choose options from the drop down menu including Book Club Resources, Books to Movies and Grab and Go Book Lists.

Books and Authors

Another subscription database useful for book recommendations is Books & Authors. This online resource has descriptions of thousands of recommended adult fiction titles from multiple genres (teen and children's titles, too!). It is useful if you want to know the sequence of a book series or if you are looking for authors who write in a similar genre or style to a favorite author.

Books & Authors also has a new feature called WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN that lets you browse by Character, Subject, Location and Time Period; it then gives you a visual representation of your matching books.

You're Making Me Read What?

This monthly podcast is hosted by Fairfax County Public Library System's Library Director Jessica Hudson and Deputy Director Christine Jones. Each episode features them picking a favorite book and trying to convince the other why they should read it. You can expect some lively discussion about the pros and cons on a wide variety of books!

Listen to the podcast.

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