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Reading Adventures for Youth and Adults

Participate in Fairfax County Public Library's reading activities! Last Updated: Jul 10, 2024 9:54 AM

Need a Recommendation?

My perfect readFairfax County Public Library's My Perfect Read provides personalized book recommendations.

  1. Browse through our staff profiles.
  2. See what types of books they have a special affinity for.
  3. Connect with someone who matches your interests (to make a connection, use the "At Your Service" tab on your chosen advisor's profile).

You will receive personal recommendations on other titles you might enjoy - it's like having your own personal librarian!

Library Podcast: You're Making Me Read What?

This monthly podcast is hosted by Fairfax County Public Library System's Library Director Jessica Hudson and Deputy Director Christine Jones. Each episode features them picking a favorite book and trying to convince the other why they should read it. You can expect some lively discussion about the pros and cons on a wide variety of books!

Listen to a podcast.

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