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Reading Adventures for Youth and Adults

Participate in Fairfax County Public Library's reading activities! Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024 11:11 AM

Reader Dashboard: 

The Reader Dashboard allows patrons to track reading and activity information for themselves and family members. This section will provide a general overview.

There are six tabs with different functions:

Challenges: Displays the challenges in which you are currently participating.

Friends: Allows you to share your unique friend code, add other readers at your library as friends, view your friends’ reading statistics and compete with your friend on your leaderboard.

• Reviews: Displays all the reviews you have written and peer written reviews for your age or grade level.

• All Badges: Displays all your earned badges and achievements. Achievements recognize your reading habits and motivate you to hit even higher reading goals.

• Reading Log: Displays streaks, book titles and the total time you have spent reading. Streaks help you track and grow your reading habits by tracking consecutive days logged. All Titles Logged displays your reading history. Clicking on individual titles provides the date and shows how much time you spent reading a book. You can edit your logged reading by clicking on a title. You can also print your log by clicking the Print button.

• Recommendations: Displays booklists created by librarians for your age or grade level.

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