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The World We Write: Short Story Contest

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July 1-31, 2023

Fairfax County Public Library and the Fairfax Library Foundation invited adults (18+) to participate in our first annual "The World We Write" short story writing contest. Participants were asked to use one of the following writing prompts:lady reading a book

  1. Late one night, there was a knock at my door.
  2. Everything was going great…and then the dragons appeared.
  3. If only he/she/they hadn't bought the blue one.
  4. The world seemed like such a big place, until...
  5. <Name> was born to make mistakes and change the world.

Five stories were chosen:

Writers received a $25 Visa Gift Card and a certificate signed by Jessica Hudson, our Library Director, and Lisa Bryant, the Executive Director of the Fairfax Library Foundation. Stories will appear in the winter issue of the library's Branch Out magazine.

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

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