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Reading Challenges for Youth and Adults

Participate in Fairfax County Public Library's reading activities!

Writing Reviews:

Readers can write reviews any time. Once reviews are approved by staff, they appear to other readers:

  • Ages Birth-12 see other readers their own age who are younger or older by two years.
  • Ages 13-17 see other readers within this age range.
  • Ages 18+ see other readers in this age range.

This is an extra feature; no badges/rewards are earned, but it does introduce other readers to the books you are reading!

How to write reviews:

NOTE: If a review has not been approved by staff, it is only visible to the author of the review.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your account. From there, you will be taken to the Reader Dashboard.
  3. Look in the upper left-hand corner of the Reader Dashboard. Click on Write a Review.
  4. Select the reader who is writing the review under Select a Profile.
  5. Write your review and click Save. Your review will be saved.
  6. To close the window, click the X in the upper-right hand corner.
  7. To see your review, go to your Reader Dashboard and click Reviews.
  8. There are two tabs in this section:
    • <Reader’s Name> Reviews: Displays all the reviews you have written.
    • Peer Written Reviews: Displays all reviews — yours and other participants — that have been submitted and approved.
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