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STEAM Opportunities for Fairfax County Youth

Build a Career

STEAM skills are used in a diverse array of occupations, including business, trades, the arts, technology and health care, and require varying levels of education and certification.  One in five jobs now requires a high level of knowledge in any one STEM field. In Fairfax County, the greatest job growth continues to come largely from STEAM-related professions.

Examples of Career Pathways to High-Demand Jobs

Fairfax County Public Schools provides a broad range of STEAM opportunities and academic opportunities that support pathways to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) jobs and careers. Through Naviance Student Overview, FCPS students can explore their career interests and connect these with their Academic and Career Plan.

FCPS Workforce Development Partnerships places students in work-focused settings where careers connect to schoolwork and they learn the skills necessary for work.

NOVA Workforce has prepared a variety of Career Ladders showing suggested career steps, from high school through post-graduate work.

Students Like You

Students graduate and enter into STEAM career fields every day, but how do they do it? What steps do they take to ensure they are on the path to success? 

The brochures here tell the stories of students like you who worked hard and navigated the educational landscape to gain a great career in the STEAM field of their choice. You can do it, too.

Workforce Certificate and Credential Resources

Many northern Virginia employers are looking to hire job candidates with specialized skills and education to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving workforce landscape. These specialized skills can be obtained through a variety of credentialing pathways that are usually far less costly for the student than a traditional four-year degree while offering access to high-paying, in-demand jobs.

Fast Forward VA – Virginia’s fast-track program for earning workforce credentials

Northern Virginia Community College – A regional leader in workforce and industry credential programs

  • NOVA Workforce Continuing Education
  • Fast Forward Workforce Credential Programs and Financial Assistance
  • Professional Test Center @ NVCC Woodbridge Campus 
    • Industry certification and licensing exams, as well as prior learning (college credit for life experience) exams

Fairfax County Public Schools –  Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Educators – Virginia Department of Education Career Switcher Program

Virginia CTE Resource Center - Resources for students and educators

Tech Pathways ;} Find your path

Interested in a technology career but aren't sure of your personal strengths? Tech Pathways offers a few simple questions to guide you toward the path that best suits your interests and talents:
Cybersecurity  ⇔  Data Science  ⇔  Programming 





Start your journey today. 

STEAM Learning Ecosystem (U.S. Dept of Education)

STEM Learning Ecosystem
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