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Early Literacy

Early literacy is what children know about communication, language—verbal and non-verbal—reading and writing before they can actually read and write.

Picture Book About Pets

Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings
A dog looking for a home sends letters to prospective owners on Butternut Street, with surprising results.

Can I Be Your Dog?

Cat Eyes by Laura Lee
In a world filled with many wonderful things, Miki only sees cats. Until one seemingly unspectacular day, something special arrives. Miki's imagination leads her to seeing cats where ever she goes all the while believing that her parents don't notice her obsession.

Dogosaurus Rex by Anna Staniszewski
Ben selects from the shelter a most unusual "dog" that wreaks havoc in town until she has a chance to prove her worth.

El Perro Con Sombrero: A Bilingual Doggy Tale by Derek Kent
Although Pepe achieves fame and fortune as a movie star dog, much to the chagrin of a jealous movie star cat, Pepe longs for a family.

Felipe and Claudette by Mark Teague
Long-time residents of Mrs. Barrett's adoption shelter, Felipe (a grumpy cat) and Claudette (a hyperactive dog) seem like they will never find a forever home, and Felipe is convinced that it is all Claudette's fault―but when the dog is finally adopted, Felipe is so depressed that he hides on adoption day, and it turns out that Claudette also misses her friend.

Floaty by John Himmelman
Blah! Mr. Raisin is a bit of a grump. He lives all alone in a little house, and he likes it that way just fine. One day, a mysterious basket appears on Mr. Raisin’s doorstep. When he opens it up, it seems there’s nothing inside...until he notices a floating dog bobbing along his ceiling.

Franklin’s Flying Bookshop by Jen Campbell
Franklin the dragon loves stories and loves reading stories to people too, but everyone is too scared to even talk to him. One day, he meets a girl named Luna who, rather than being afraid, is fascinated to meet Franklin, having recently read all about dragons in one of her books. They instantly become friends and talk nonstop about what they've read. Together they hatch a plan to share their love of books with others by opening a flying bookshop on Franklin's back.

The  Grumpy Pets by Kristine Lombardi
Billy is a grumpy boy who's not like the other kids. His mother takes him and his sister, Sara, to the animal shelter one Saturday in hope of cheering him up. But the pets he sees are too happy for his taste. Then he finds the grumpy pets.

How to Train a Train by Jason Eaton
Loco for locomotives? Get your ticket ready ― here is everything you need to know about finding, keeping and training your very own pet train.

My Pet Wants a Pet by Elise Broach
A boy's mother, reluctant to allow him even one pet, is increasingly unhappy as each pet wants a pet of its own.

My Rhinoceros by Jon Agee
A rhinoceros does only two things: pop balloons and poke holes in kites. But rhinoceroses can really do a lot more.

Pet Dad by Elanna Allen
Denied a pet, Plum decides her father will do and sets out to train him to sit, fetch and more but he only responds by barking "No!" until she finds the right reward.

Pet This Book by Jessica Young
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text invite the reader to join in a day of pet care.

The Secret Cat by Katarina Stromgard
Lucy yearns for a pet, so when a mysterious cat named Silvring appears one night, Lucy follows her on an amazing adventure.

Some Pets by Angela DiTerlizzi
There are so many different types of pets, at the pet show. With dogs and cats, horses and chickens, hamsters and chinchillas―and many, many more―this book celebrates animal companions of all shapes and sizes.

Two Problems for Sophia by Jim Averbeck
Sophia is happy to have Noodle, her One True Desire, yet her new pet comes with two giraffe-sized problems.

Who Wants Broccoli? by Val Jones
Broccoli is a big, noisy dog at Beezley's Animal Shelter who desperately wants to be adopted―but it seems like his loud bark and his trick of throwing his water dish in the air and catching it is not working.

Whoops by Suzi Moore
The cat can't meow, the dog can't bark and even the mouse can't squeak. When they go to the little old lady in the woods for a spell to restore their voices, things don't go as expected.


Tomie DePaola’s Cats and Kittens by Tomie DePaola
An informative and funny book on every kind of cat, from Abyssinian to alley cat. FREE KITTENS INSIDE, reads the sign outside Granny Twinkle's house. But kittens aren't the only thing Mrs. Twinkle has to offer. When Patrick goes inside, he asks questions and learns everything there is to know about cats― the many different types and breeds, their place in history and how to take care of a kitten of his very own.

Do You Really Want a Snake? by Bridget Heos
Several snakes (and the narrator) teach a young boy the responsibility―and the joys―of caring for a pet snake. Includes "Is this pet right for me?" quiz.

Do You Really Want a Snake?

Do You Really Want a Turtle? by Bridget Heos
Several turtles (and the narrator) teach a young girl the responsibility―and the joys―of caring for a pet turtle. Includes "Is this pet right for me?" quiz.

The Everything Book of Dogs and Puppies by DK Publishing
Discover the world of dogs in this guide to our favorite furry friends. Find out what barking and tail. wagging really mean. Then learn how to keep your pet healthy and happy with lots of dog care tips. There are more than 40 breeds to meet, from fluffy poodles to spotted Dalmatians.

Your Pet Tropical Fish by Elaine Landau
Learn how to care for tropical fish.


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